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Virtual Programming

Meeting each client where they are on their recovery journey. Virtually.

We are committed to being adaptive to the care our clients need, and to removing any barriers impeding their access to care. At Alsana, we are proud to offer flexible, virtual IOP and PHP services to clients across the United States. Our virtual programming does not replace our in-person PHP and IOP treatment offerings but provides additional flexibility to help us meet our clients’ unique needs. Just like our in-person treatment offerings, our virtual programming is designed in the spirit of meeting each client where they are in their recovery.

In the spirit of removing all access-to-care barriers, Alsana’s Virtual PHP and IOP programs are offered seven days a week with a range of hours available each day, providing the unmatched flexibility needed to meet each client’s unique needs and schedules.

In addition to being flexible, Alsana’s Virtual Programs are robust and holistic. Eating disorder clients enrolled in a virtual program receive the same quality of care as clients enrolled in our in-person programs, including meal support, guidance for joyful physical movement, and the feeling of community- all from the comfort and safety of the home environment.

There has never been a better time for virtual treatment and recovery than during COVID isolation. We would like to be your Virtual Eating Recovery Community.

Virtual IOP

Available Now.


At Alsana, we are pleased to offer Virtual IOP services. These do not replace in-person treatment methods, but provide additional flexibility for some clients with specific…

Virtual PHP

Available Now.

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Alsana now offers Virtual PHP in addition to our in-person offerings in order to meet the needs of our clients during the Coronavirus pandemic.


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We would like to be your Eating Recovery Community. Virtually.

Alsana is an advocate for clients in receiving insurance coverage for virtual programming. We are in-network for virtual programming with nearly all major payors.  In addition, there are many plans that have agreed to waive co-pays.


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