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Alsana’s April 2015 Webinar Series illuminates theory and evidence-based skills that can be used in an integrated approach to eating disorder therapy. Presented by a collaborative team of experts from Alsana at The Highlands Treatment Center for Eating Disorders in Birmingham, Alabama, this video webinar is designed to enhance core professional treatment skills. Regardless of practice area, all therapists and dieticians working with eating disorder clients can expand their skills sets using the information in this webinar.

Fundamental to this webinar is the belief that the integrated, team approach is the best way to work with clients. The nutrition philosophy Alsana uses is holistic, and approaches food, health and wellness as closely related components in the overall treatment process. Nutrition education and building a client’s repertoire of life skills are important for real life experiences and sustained recovery. Extensive processing and experiential skills are explored in this webinar. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and exposure therapy are discussed, with a tool kit of readily available visuals and support materials for each therapy approach. Participants in this webinar learn specific questions that can be integrated into treatment approaches by both dietitians and therapists. This webinar is an excellent resource for both novice and advanced practitioners. Alsana is pleased to offer the associated handouts to this webinar. Contact us, and keep an eye out for our ongoing professional webinars (with CEUs provided).

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