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Alsana’s Summer Refocus Program was developed for motivated clients whose time is precious during the summer months and who wish to focus on the underlying causes of their eating disorder and recovery. Our team works to understand the role of the eating disorder and replace those behaviors with new ones, to build your self-esteem by reconnecting to you at your core, and to free you of the negative self-talk and replace it with self-care.

We have a variety of exclusive treatment options to help you recover from an eating disorder.  Whether you have been in eating disorder recovery for a while and need to renew your focus or you are approaching recovery for the very first time, consider Summer Refocus.

The Alsana Summer Refocus Program includes the following therapeutic specialties each designed for your needs and level of care.

  • Go beyond the stabilization of your eating disorder and focus on its causes—through an array of treatment modalities, be supported through your recovery process with frequent one-on-one sessions with a seasoned Alsana therapist.
  • Participate in numerous daily group therapy sessions that:
    • Build empathy within the client community
    • Teach how to set healthy boundaries
    • Look at your passions, dreams and goals
    • Teach about the function of the eating disorder in your life, and many more.
  • Using our nutrition philosophy, work with your primary dietitian to build a foundation from which you can experience both nourishment and pleasure in your fuel choices and eating experiences.
  • Begin to practice new approaches in a welcoming community with the understanding that this process is about progress, not perfection.
  • Assist in identifying and working through triggers that will prepare you for life outside of treatment.
  • Learn and practice numerous skills that can be applied to life outside of Alsana.
  • Provide you with “real world” experiences in a safe environment to allow your freedoms to be monitored. This includes cell phones, computers, caffeine, smoking (if entering the program as a smoker), etc.
  • Create a long-term treatment plan with a focus of in-depth work throughout all levels of care.

If you would like to make your summer about hope and healing, call or email our Intake Counselors today at 877-696-2461 or


Weekly meetings
Fridays at noon / PST



Meeting each client where they are on their recovery journey. Virtually.

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