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Clients benefit from a community of compassionate, expert providers with vast experience and specialized training in eating disorder treatment.

Ronda Cannon, Regional Executive Director–and the clinical team guided by Nicole Siegfried and led by Amber Parris–are dedicated to helping clients of all genders and sexual orientations heal and recover from their eating disorders.

Located in the rolling hills of Birmingham, Alabama, this Alsana location offers residential treatment, an intensive day treatment program with off-campus recovery-oriented apartments, and an integrated intensive outpatient program.

Clients receive the highest quality of care and support with the most current evidence-based therapies for eating disorders and co-occurring conditions.


A continuum of care for your healing journey.

We want you to succeed and we know the first step is often the hardest.
At Alsana in Birmingham, we currently offer three levels of care for adults: residential, day treatment, and intensive outpatient.

We also offer Virtual Treatment Options for IOP.

**Some insurance companies have waived copays for virtual care including Virtual IOP during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Let Alsana check with your insurance provider.**


Residential Treatment

A more advanced level of care, including 24/7 RN nursing, residential provides a higher intensity of monitoring and frequency of treatment.


Day Treatment

For adults, our day treatment program offers up to 8 hours of programming per day. For adolescents, our program includes up to 11 hours of programming per day including weekly family education and coaching groups.


Intensive Outpatient

For adults, intensive outpatient therapy offers programming five to seven days a week with both individual and group therapy. For adolescents, programming is up to six days per week with both individual and group therapy.


Virtual Treatment Options

Alsana is proud to offer flexible, virtual treatment options to meet clients where they are in recovery.

“I am very thankful for each person on the treatment team and how much they supported me during a very difficult time in my life. I am leaving with hope that I can live my life in true recovery now!!”



Our most valuable asset as a company is our people. Compassionate and collaborative professionals,

our Alsana staff work together to serve and help you on your path to recovery.

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Caroline Nichols, LICSW, CEDS-s
Amber Parris
Amy Claire McMurtie

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Adult residential, day treatment and intensive outpatient
Adolescent day treatment and intensive outpatient
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