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New Body Image Study

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In a recent study completed by Dr. Shannon Snapp from the University of Arizona, researchers found five factors that promote a healthy body image in women. They found that young women with high family support and low levels of perceived socio-cultural pressure from family, friends and the media regarding the importance of achieving a ‘thin and beautiful’ ideal had a more positive body image. These same women also rejected the superwoman ideal, had a positive physical self-concept, and were armed with skills to deal with stress.

Click here to read the full article in Medical News Today.

This research highlights what many of us have known for years, support from family and friends that promote a healthy body image can make all the difference. Imagine if everyone grew up surrounded by women who loved their bodies, rather than nit picking every thing that is “wrong with them.” And if schools, teachers, and other women role models did the same- promoted health, balance, self-care, and were confident in how they appear. This might result in more young women who reject the superwoman ideal, or the thin and beautiful ideal.

At Alsana, we encourage the women and men who come through our doors to create their own definition of beauty and health. We encourage them to learn about balance and surround themselves with others who practice self-compassion. We encourage you today to start looking at what is beautiful about you, what is great about your life, and surround yourself with healthy people who do the same.


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