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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

During these uncertain times, individuals and organizations are being tested in ways that no one could have fully predicted. It is times like these, we see the value and importance of collaboration and community. We are grateful and proud to call you colleagues, now more than ever.

As providers, we know your top priority continues to be the well-being of your clients, and for that, we commend you. You are on the front lines of care during a real crisis for many people in our communities, including those struggling with eating disorders.



We believe, as an Eating Recovery Community, that we have a responsibility to support and empower those who provide hope and healing for humans in recovery or seeking a recovered life. In fact, we consider it an honor. To that end, we are pleased to offer free continuing education opportunities throughout the year for our provider partners.



The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to many new questions and concerns for our community, so we have expanded our virtual education offerings to include weekly Town Hall Meetings. Here, we address some of the most relevant obstacles we face as healthcare providers in the wake of the pandemic. These events give participants a chance to connect with one another and our dedicated staff to ask important questions and find support in a virtual community setting.

As a token of our ongoing appreciation for all you do, we are excited to share with you the Growth Best Practices that have enabled Alsana to continue to be an innovative, clients-first program during the pandemic and beyond.

On April 16, please join us for a FREE Virtual Town Hall Meeting focused on small business management: Growth Best Practices for a Private Practice Small Business During a Crisis.

I will be joined by my colleagues Andie Hollowell MS, AMFT, and Chris Gorciak to provide insights, best practices, and a practical discussion on how to maintain and perhaps even grow your small business or private practice during a crisis.

We listened to the very real business challenges our referral partners are experiencing in the face of this crisis, and we would like to respond and give back by being your thought partner. Perhaps we can offer you some insights and help you find meaningful ways to move forward, grow your practice, and help more clients during this unprecedented time.

Thinking about growth during a crisis may sound counter-intuitive at first, but the need for the services we provide is growing as a result of COVID-19 and all it brings with it. Between the three of us, my fellow panelists and I have enjoyed more than 40 years of helping businesses grow with integrity. In the spirit of servant leadership and helping as many people as possible, we believe it is important and only natural to share what we have learned with our provider partners.

Jordan Watson

Jordan Watson, Chief Growth Officer


Andie Hollowell, VP of Growth

Chris Gorciak, VP of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing and part of Alsana’s Growth team, Chris leads our marketing initiatives, bringing more than ten years of data-driven healthcare marketing and leadership experience. Chris has an impressive, consistent record of building strategic programs and leading high-performance teams to produce growth. He also has a strong ability to leverage digital and traditional strategies for brand value creation and better channel monetization.

And, I am told he is a fantastic dancer!

Andie has guided the admissions, outreach, and professional relations teams through tremendous growth and change in a manner that exemplifies Alsana’s guiding principles. As Vice President of Growth, Andie still believes that the ability to participate in a client’s inspiring process of recovery is a privilege. Having recovered herself, Andie has a deep-rooted passion for working with eating disorder clients and a profound sense of kinship with the Alsana approach to treating the whole human.

I have worked to expand access to eating disorder treatment for people who are struggling since 2011. As Alsana’s Chief Growth Officer, I bridge the gap between strategy and execution to effectively grow our services and welcome more clients than ever before into our care. I have benefited from our private equity partners at Riverside and their vast, international network of growth methodology experts. They have often served as my thought partner, offering mentorship, best practice, and key learnings from across various industries. I am eager to serve each of you as your thought partner during this time.



Viewing the present as being in a holding pattern until things “return to normal” would be a missed opportunity to participate in a radically transformative and educational time in all of our lives. Our community needs us now more than ever, and meeting that need will mean moving quickly and collaboratively, viewing these challenges as opportunities- not detours.

The challenges we face and the lessons we learn as leaders today can and will prepare us for a future that will likely depend on our ability to conduct business and expand access to care online. As we all work to find our place within this new landscape, we see that there’s one consistent predictor of leaders that will continue to reach clients in need: agility.

At Thursday’s Town Hall, Andie, Chris, and I will share the Growth Best Practices and tools that have enabled us to be flexible and agile during these times of uncertainty, including:

  • Actionable guidance for identifying, engaging, and ultimately helping your ideal client. 
  • Alsana’s persona-based approach to growth. 
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital advertising
  • Email and Event Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Additionally, we want to dive into your unique challenges and brainstorm how you can overcome those growth obstacles empowering you with an enhanced ability to reach more clients in need. 

At Alsana, our teams are highly relational and are guided by a clients-first philosophy and a commitment to servant leadership at every level. Our collaboration does not end there; we are ALL in this together. The stronger we are as a community of eating disorder treatment professionals, the better we can serve those who need our help. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

We are proud to be your Eating Recovery Community.


Jordan Watson


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