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Here are some things you need to know:


Dear Friends of Alsana,


Our company is committed to supporting our entire eating disorder treatment community as we navigate the uncharted waters of the Coronavirus pandemic. To that end, we want to make some things very clear:


1. Alsana is still accepting new admissions.

You can reach our Admissions Team at (855) 915-0213.


2. Alsana is committed to client and staff safety above all else.

Led by our Chief Medical Officer, Margherita Mascolo, MD, CEDS-s, Alsana has taken the following measures to ensure client safety:

  • We have developed a Coronavirus Task Force which meets daily.
  • A daily update from our CEO is being sent to all employees regarding any changes or recommendations from our Task Force findings.
  • We have provided Coronavirus training for all of our staff, including a company-wide webinar on the epidemiology, signs, and symptoms, by our CMO.
  • We are screening all of our employees.
  • Our HR Department is developing Coronavirus-specific changes to PTO policy to accommodate adequate, flexible time off.
  • We are closing our home office to participate in social isolation and flattening the curve.
  • Our Admissions Team has added screening questions for all potential clients as they move through our pipeline.


3. Alsana seeks to be a collaborative and available partner to you during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are resources we are pleased to make available to you:


4. Our Outreach Directors are eager to be of service.

  • Our Outreach Team wants to learn about the unique challenges you are experiencing with the outpatient community and support you with tailored resources that serve your needs.
  • Saddened as we are to miss events such as iaedp, we believe it is not worth the risk to anyone’s safety. If you were hoping to meet with us there, please fill out this form so we can reach out to you.
  • You can still connect with your representative at any time through a virtual channel. Click an Outreach Director’s email to connect.

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“We are led by our company’s guiding principles. Our commitment to you is that we will maintain our Clients-First philosophy through Servant Leadership and steadfast Accountability.”

-Jordan Watson

Chief Growth Officer

Servant Leaders in the Eating Disorder Community

Alsana values a fresh and compassionate approach to total health and wellness. Our team will go above and beyond to help your client take the first steps towards a successful recovery from any and all eating disorders.

  • Alsana is an Eating Recovery Community that seeks to always be of service to the entire treatment landscape by sharing best practices in a collaborative manner.
  • Alsana seeks to be a resource to the wider treatment community during the novel global pandemic by providing education, tools, guidance, and key learning.
  • A dangerous outcome of the global pandemic is individuals with a severe eating disorder do not seek the necessary Higher Level of Care (HLOC) treatment due to fear of infection. Alsana is committed to keeping treatment available and safe during the pandemic for clients in which a HLOC is indicated.
  • Led by our Chief Medical Officer and industry leader, Margherita Mascolo, MD, CEDS-s, Alsana has integrated recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and other organizations to ensure client and staff safety during the pandemic. Teams have also been thoroughly trained on containment and escalation protocols that will ensure client safety.


We are here for you.

If you or a loved one is living with an eating disorder, there is hope for recovery.

Alsana would like to be your Eating Recovery Community.

(855) 915-0213



We would like to be your Eating Disorder Recovery Resource Center and Treatment Community.