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For the past two years, Alsana’s research and assessment department has collected data during different phases of our treatment program. The psychological assessments utilized measure eating disorder symptoms, depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms, quality of life and overall life functioning. We are proud to announce that the treatment outcomes we have measured show statistically significant improvement across a range of symptoms. By the time of discharge, clients consistently show a reduction in eating disorder symptoms, depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms and an increase in quality of life.

Having statistical evidence to support our confidence in the quality of treatment we provide helps us to continue providing excellence in recovery and to keep abreast of current trends that will help us to improve even more. We will be able to share the outcome research with our clients, their families and referral sources as an indicator of what they can expect from the professional staff at our three Alsana centers.

In addition to psychological assessments, Alsana clients participated in a satisfaction survey at the time of discharge. Of the 451 clients completing the survey from 2013-2015, 95% highly recommend or recommend Alsana Treatment Centers to an individual in need of eating disorder treatment.

Statistics Measure Various Aspects of Eating Disorder Issues

Much of our success stems from our multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. We help our clients to understand that eating disorders are complex issues. Recovery goes well beyond reaching a certain weight or certain size. Through the use of a variety of therapies, we have the ability to address depression, anxiety and other symptoms that may be related to trauma, such as anger, sexual dysfunction and suicidal tendencies. When clients are willing to delve into the deeper issues, their chances of successful and long-lasting recovery increase. In addition to developing an individual plan for each client, based on personal needs and goals, we also work with families. We believe that family understanding and support are vital components to recovery. You can read the details of our research outcomes on our site.

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