Breakfast Workshop with the Highlands in Birmingham | Alsana®



Alsana and our trusted affiliate The Highlands Treatment Center are presenting a breakfast workshop in Birmingham, Alabama November 12th. The Highlands’ Clinical Director, Dr. Nicole Siegfried, and I will present to local clinicians.

The breakfast workshop will allow us to reintroduce Nicole to the community as the Clinical Director of the Highlands, and launch the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment programs at that facility. Alsana is pleased to welcome the Highlands into our partnership, and I am looking forward to working with Nicole on this workshop. We hope to use the event to help clinicians understand more about our centers’ treatment philosophy and learn about some of the specific areas of therapy in which we specialize.

At the event I will lecture regarding developing a personal identity separate from the eating disorder and creating intimacy in relationships. I will also discuss the importance of clients setting proper relationship boundaries during and after treatment. Nicole will speak about research and interventions targeted at helping clients create a meaningful life. In addition she will discuss methods for building resilience in our clients.

Alsana and the Highlands incorporate these components of identity development and building resiliency when developing treatment plans. We help clients focus on who they are and where their strengths lie, in order to encourage them to develop the skills needed to live without an eating disorder. We treat clients’ eating disorder and co-occurring symptoms, but we do not stop there. We also help clients discover their goals, their passions, and their identity in order to transform their lives.

Our upcoming breakfast workshop will help the community become familiar with the Highlands Treatment Center. We want the Highlands program to be a strong partner in the community not only as a facility providing treatment for eating disorders, but as a group of professionals that are passionate about doing advocacy work around the prevention of eating disorders.

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