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Eating disorders are common—impacting individuals of all ages, genders, and lifestyles—they remain clouded in stigma. There is neither enough open dialogue about eating disorders, nor enough understanding of what an eating disorder truly entails. We’ve got to take action to change all of that—and soon, there will be an opportunity to do exactly that: June 2, 2016, has been declared the first annual World Eating Disorder Action Day—a prime chance for all of us to raise the dialogue, fight back against the stigma, and increase awareness for the eating disorder community.

So what is this day all about? According to the Academy for Eating Disorders, the action day will leverage both online and regional initiatives to “advance the understanding of eating disorders as treatable genetically-linked illnesses that affect a large cross-section of the world’s population, embrace diversity and raise awareness amongst policy makers to allocate resources and establish coherent national systems.”

We want to talk more openly about eating disorders, to advance the collective understanding. The best part of all of this is that you can get involved, and make your voice heard—whether you have an eating disorder yourself or are supporting a loved one through recovery.

You can keep your eye on this website for information on connecting with different organizations and activities. You can also take action simply by starting a conversation. Talk truthfully to someone about what eating disorders are like, and what recovery entails. Share your own story. Educate yourself. Speak up on social media. Encourage someone you know who is struggling with an eating disorder. Do something, and join us in solidarity on this unique and promising day of action.

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