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An online petition asking First Lady Michelle Obama to decline her appearance on ‘The Biggest Loser’ television show has been posted on in order to end weight-based bullying. Alsana is proud to participate in the efforts to stop weight based bullying. We are participating through social media and blogging to support the important message that the First Lady should not endorse The Biggest Loser and its weight stigma and shaming tactics.

In an email to those in the eating disorder community Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder of lead the charge by stating, “weight based stigmatization & bullying will no longer be tolerated as entertainment or as a method to reduce body weight. There is absolutely no evidence supporting this as a strategy to lower weights and plenty of evidence showing higher weights, increased disordered eating, and eating disorders.”

Obama will be a featured guest on the show, which will air in November to promote the Let’s Move campaign in an effort to fight childhood obesity. With a short 10-day deadline, supports of the petition are seeking to obtain 25,000 digital signatures and will present a letter to Obama asking her to instead, “engage in a dialogue with the advocacy communities specializing in weight stigma.”

“We also want her to be clear that she must engage in conversation with those from the eating disorders, obesity, and various other communities to better understand what she is doing,” wrote Wesely-Casella.

Besides the First Lady the movement will be directed to media outlets and The Biggest Loser Show, its producers, and organizations that purchase commercial time around the show. Those in the eating disorder community are being encouraged to spread the word in social media using memes and a ‘mash up’ of 30 second videos which will be posted on Pinterest, YouTube and the on the petition site. was created as a social platform to encourage self-awareness and to educate and entertain in support of those who struggle with bingeing and impulse control disorders, specifically binge eating, hair pulling, binge drinking and binge shopping.

First Lady Michelle Obama Please Don’t Appear on The Biggest Loser


For more information about the petition and to see the official letter sent to The First Lady, please visit

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