I extend deepest respect and profound, lasting gratitude. | Alsana®



“I came to Alsana a broken person, riddled with shame, self hate and terror.  I was not far from death.  The effects of trauma had left me fragmented and terrified of both existing in my body and functioning in the outside world.  At Alsana, I have for the first time in my life, slowly begun to experience a sense of safety.  Through my work here, I have been able to cultivate enough strength and courage to explore the seemingly endless layers of pain an suffering accumulated over the course of more than 30 years of life.  Throughout my journey at Alsana, I have been privileged to be guided, challenged and supported by a team of profoundly brilliant, skillful and compassionate clinicians.  The patience, strength, vision, deep wisdom and humanity of my treatment team have allowed me to do transformative work I would not have imagined possible before coming here.  The willingness and ability of my clinical team to follow my process into the depths of terror, pain, despair and chaotic emotion have allowed me to do the work I needed to do in order to begin to heal.  I am clear that it is by virtue of the healing I have found at Alsana that I am still alive.  The the possibility of a life lived with joy, freedom, strength and capacity to embrace the ebb and flow of life, the broad spectrum of human experience is now even remotely possible for me only because of the unspeakably hard work I have been able to do at Alsana.  To those who have touched my process along the way and contributed to my healing journey at Alsana, I extend deepest respect and profound, lasting gratitude. “-S.G