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Dearest Alumni,

I could not be happier to be joining you for the upcoming alumni weekend in July. It is interesting because part of what I spent my last year doing was finishing my dissertation, which specifically focused on recovery. Recovery (as you all know better than anyone) is a multi-faceted process that requires attention to so many more areas than just food. One of the biggest things people need is a support network and space to continue to examine unfinished business, as well as continue to grow into new roles that they could not yet imagine for themselves yet.

I’m so excited that in this alumni weekend will be focusing on just that. Together, with drama, art, and photography, we will be looking at a part of your self that needs time or attention. Maybe it is a part that you got to know well in treatment and needs to be revisited this weekend? Or perhaps it is a part of yourself that you want to grow and cultivate? Whichever it is, I look forward to creating a holding space for you to witness and be witnessed in a community where recovery and compassion is valued.

In the interim: I ask you to do a little internal scan and start to mull over what you might want to bring to the table to work on for alumni weekend. Some of you might already snap to an idea, others might feel bewildered. Wherever you are at, I ask you not to commit to anything, but to just keep being open to the thoughts and feelings that arise over the next month as we count down to alumni weekend. I have created a few questions below for you to ponder. You can write down answers, journal about it, create art, think on it, or totally ignore it. Either way: I look forward to seeing you in the space very soon.

  • What parts, if any, of myself have been ignored, unseen or need attending to lately?
  • What is a role that I want to develop more in myself?
  • How have I been doing in showing up for myself?
  • What things still drag me down into shame-spiral-self-hate-land?
  • What am I still afraid of?
  • What is making me happy these days?
  • What inspires me?

Holding each of you in my heart,




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