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Santa Barbara eating disorder treatment center


Dear reader,

I want to welcome you to our Santa Barbara eating disorder treatment center home.
You, or a loved one, have perhaps come to continue a journey towards a recovered life.
With our adaptive care model, you will experience the ability for total health and an approach that offers permission and acceptance, while combating the eating disorder.

Here the journey will have begun in rewriting your story
to tell one of an individual that purses their dreams and desires,
courage and strength, vulnerability and values.
It is time to end the chapter of the eating disorder
and move on to the next.

This treatment center home offers the opportunity to slow down and reexamine what is truly of value.
Identity is often wrapped up by the eating disorder and through our treatment we review:
the person that once was, wants to be, is.

The location of our home and scenery offers peace and reflection.
The staff offer compassion, curiosity, and connection.

Yet more importantly, we offer the permission to be yourself.
Your true authentic self.

I’m excited to work with you and witness your journey!
Through various avenues of individual, group, and family therapy.
I highly value ALL parts of the process being integrated together,
as true healing stems from your ability to explore the difficult parts.

We, at Alsana Amare, are here to join you in your journey and to help lead the way.

Julia Szpakiewicz, LMFT
Director of Clinical Services, Santa Barbara

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