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Alumni Program

We are still proud to be your eating recovery community.

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Free online support for alumni

Virtual Snack Space

Alumni are welcome to attend both days.


10 am PST | 12 pm CST | 1 pm EST


8 am PST |10 am CST | 11 am EST

Support Groups

Alumni are welcome to attend one meeting each day.


Life Launching 1

5pm PST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST

Life Launching 2

3pm PST | 5pm CST |6pm EST

Every Thursday

Eating Disorder Support 1

5 pm PST | 7 pm CST | 8 pm EST

Eating Disorder Support 2

3 pm PST | 5pm CST | 6pm EST

As an eating recovery community that believes healing happens in relationships, Alsana is committed to offering continued group support to its alumni following step-down from our higher levels of care.

These groups are educational in nature and provide participants with an online community in which they can receive support and encouragement from the facilitator as well as peers. This group is not a replacement for therapy.

It's okay to need help.

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