Self-Love Writing Challenge:  Bringing Curiosity Into Relationships
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Day 19: Bring Curiosity Into Your Relationships

We hope you’re enjoying the 31 Day Self Love Diet Writing Challenge—and if you haven’t yet found time to participate, we encourage you to do so today. Remember, the event runs through February 1, and we’ve got a prompt for today that is especially provocative and noteworthy:

The prompt invites you to write about the importance of curiosity in a relationship. Should you always bring curiosity into your relationships? And more to the point, perhaps, does doing so have a positive effect on your sense of self love?

We would argue that it does, and for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that when you allow yourself to be curious about another human, it opens your eyes to all the wonderful things about that person—all of the unique ways in which that person is deserving of love. And that can’t help but reflect onto you—to open your eyes to some of the ways in which you’re deserving of that same love.

Curiosity can also be a kind of vulnerability. It can open you up to being surprised by someone, to finding unexpected common ground, or to forging a special relationship you might not have thought possible. That kind of vulnerability is so healthy, and so good for showing you how to be really open and hopeful.

And of course, curiosity is generally a reciprocal thing. If you engage another person with curiosity, don’t be surprised when he or she does likewise—leading to a relationship of empathy, engagement, and real give-and-take.

In short, curiosity can be a boon to your relationships—not just with other people, but also with yourself. Be intentional in your curiosity, especially as it relates to other people—and share with us some stories about curiosity as a road to self-love!

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