Elijah Eckert-Smith | Alsana®
Elijah Eckert-SmithNational Relational Coordinator/Direct Care | he/him/his

    As National Relational Coordinator for Alsana, Elijah Eckert-Smith is responsible for facilitating and implementing best practices for our Relational Program company-wide, and assessing and monitoring relational practices and growth in quality of treatment. Elijah earned his Master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in the discipline of Depth Psychology and is currently completing work on his Ph.D. in the field.

    Before coming to Alsana, Elijah worked as a Mental Health Recovery Specialist and Personal Service Coordinator for varying mental health recovery programs. In his free time, Elijah enjoys traveling, reading philosophy, playing basketball, and spending quality time with his wife Joann and child Joey.

    Elijah is most passionate about seeking meaning in the deeper aspects of life and society and finds fulfillment in working alongside clients with developing their spiritual beliefs and creative fulfillment. His background also includes being a Certified Archetypal Astrologer, and he is currently seeking certification in Spiritual Counseling.