Heather Russo, LMFT | Alsana®
Heather Russo, LMFTRegional Executive Director

    Being from the Westlake area herself, Heather says that coming to Alsana feels a bit like coming home.

    Heather is deeply passionate about helping people find a better relationship with themselves and says she finds great fulfillment when clients’ perception of what their life could be begins to expand and grow.

    Heather is currently earning her Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health at Grand Canyon University. In 2003 she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and in 2008 she earned her Master of Arts at Pepperdine University.

    Most recently and before joining our team, Heather was the Regional Assistant VP for The Renfrew Centers, Inc. She was responsible for the successful implementation, ongoing management, and market growth for all service components of the Center.

    Heather has been a member of several well-known associations, including the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Los Angeles Chapter. Notably, she served as Membership Chairperson.

    Between work, school, and three kids at home (including four-year-old twins!), Heather says she doesn’t have an abundance of free time but loves what she does.

    She’s excited to be part of a team that is “changing the game” for eating disorder treatment, and says it is the happiest privilege and honor to witness and support clients’ recovery.