Samantha Breedlove, AMFT | Alsana®
Samantha Breedlove, AMFTPrimary Therapist | she/her/hers

    As Primary Therapist for Alsana, Sam is responsible for helping people shed light on how eating disorders affect their internal and external world and caring for clients’ emotional well-being. Sam earned her Master’s of Science degree in Marriage and Family therapy from California State University, Northridge.

    Before serving as Primary Therapist, Sam worked at Alsana as a direct care counselor and group therapist, further enriching her experience working with clients in treatment. In her free time, Sam enjoys trying new restaurants, going to musicals and concerts, and relaxing at home with her cat and a good book.

    Sam is passionate about being an advocate for clients in her work and spreading awareness about the health at every size movement and the harmfulness of diet culture to our physical and mental well-being.