Sierra Knirlberger, BSW - Alsana®
Sierra Knirlberger, BSWProgram Director | she/her/hers/

    Sierra has been working with Alsana for two years and has had grown from Direct Care to Program Director. She has a dual undergraduate degree in social work and theology. Sierra is currently working on her last two practicum credits to obtain her MSW at Washington University in St. Louis. Throughout working at Alsana, she has been impressed with Alsana’s commitment to client care and the continued care for staff.

    Sierra is passionate in continuing to make Alsana a safe space for all sized bodies in any eating disorder. Also, providing a treatment space that can be fun and lighthearted with doing hard work.

    Before Alsana, Sierra was working as a restaurant manager for 5 years while completing her undergraduate degree. During this time, she was able to work on and connect with her leadership style. Sierra believes in walking with her team rather than driving her team.

    Sierra values honesty, vulnerability, and accountability throughout her everyday life. Outside of Alsana, Sierra values self-care in walking her dog Milo and spending time outside.
    Sierra is proud and very happy to call Alsana her lifelong dream job that marries her leadership calling and therapeutic calling.

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