Amber Claudon, LICSW, CEDS | Alsana®
Amber Claudon, LICSW, CEDS

    As the Senior Director of Clinical Programming and Training, Amber enjoys working with all of the Alsana programs to provide quality, holistic treatment for eating disorders. She appreciates working with mutually respectful, cohesive teams to support their integration of the Adaptive Care Model. Amber believes that treatment is designed to reflect a sense of honor and respect for someone’s story to achieve not only symptom remission but also a deeper, long-lasting sense of healing.

    Amber joined the Alsana team in 2013, and she worked as part of the start-up team opening the RTC, PHP, & IOP programs. In her current role, she provides oversight to clinical leadership within the Alsana programs, helps create and implement training efforts at the national level, and works onsite to help integrate a consistent clinical product.

    Amber has specialized training in treating persons with eating disorders with modalities including eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and prolonged exposure (PE). She has a special interest in the intersection of eating disorders and intimacy/sexuality and body image in severe and complex eating disorders.

    Amber is dedicated to the eating disorder field and has over ten years of experience working with clients and staff. She feels inspired to create quality care for clients while also training and supporting the clinicians who pursue the challenging yet rewarding work of treating eating disorders.