Barb Black, LPC | Alsana
Barb Black, LPCPrimary Therapist

    Barb is an EMDR trained, EFT Level One trained therapist at our St. Louis program. She holds tight to Alsana’s guiding principles and loves that they don’t only incorporate excellent client care, but also integrity, compassion, and positivity.

    When working with a client, Barb loves to see the “lightbulb” go on. She feels that when a client can make sense of why disordered eating has been present, then they can begin the process of rebuilding a new sense of self.

    Barb has three dogs, three cats, and a daughter who lives in New York City to pursue her dream as a musical theatre performer. Scottland is Barb’s favorite place in the world, and she’s visited four times (so far)!

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