Elise Ringenberg, MA, R-DMT | Alsana
Elise Ringenberg, MA, R-DMTPrimary therapist (RTC)

    Prior to earning her masters and counseling and dance/movement therapy from Columbia college, Elise worked at Alsana as a direct care counselor.  She was inspired to join the Alsana team upon reading and hearing about the holistic philosophy Alsana encompasses.  She values the whole person (body and mind) in the therapeutic process and is excited to be working in an environment that places equal emphasis on this approach to healing.

    Elise previously worked as a counseling and dance/movement therapy intern at Rush Medical Center where she worked with patients on the pediatric medical and psychiatry units.  Elise has also had the opportunity to work as a counseling and dance/movement therapy intern at Anixter Center with adults with traumatic brain injury, at Chicago Dance Therapy with individuals with Parkinson’s disease, and at Loretto Hospital with adults on the inpatient psychiatric units.

    Elise is passionate about bringing the body into the conversation and into the relationship with the mind.  She loves finding new and creative ways to foster the development of the mind-body connection with the clients at Alsana.  Seeing how movement, especially movement in relationship to others and the environment, creates an opportunity for change in psychological, social, and emotional wellness of the individual is very inspiring to her.

    From the ages of 11-14 years old, Elise had the opportunity to live in.  It was an interesting experience where she made friends from around the world and learned to appreciate other cultures and perspectives.  Elise loves dogs, especially coonhounds!  She adopted a treeing walker coonhound named Ruby Grace a few years ago.  When she’s not hanging out with Ruby, she enjoys doing Pilates and yoga.

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