Jordan Watson, M.A. | Alsana
Jordan Watson, M.A.VP, Growth and Development

    Jordan serves the eating disorder population with national leadership experience in the behavioral healthcare industry. He brings a spirited style to admissions, outreach and marketing that is characterized by authenticity, passion, and mission congruence.

    As the VP of Growth and Development at Alsana, Jordan leads our admissions and outreach departments while providing an excellent front end experience to our potential clients, families, and referral partners.

    His professional history highlights a unique ability to develop culture within teams, operate across various functional areas, manage strategic plans that successfully open new clinic locations, and negotiate key bilateral referral partnerships.

    Jordan holds an MA in Psychology from Pepperdine University and maintains a diversified knowledge of the behavioral healthcare industry due to his work in the for-profit and nonprofit sector.

    Lastly, Jordan enjoys his relationships, a great story, spending time with his wife, Chrissy, practicing yoga, and surfing with his family.

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