Lexi Cleverly, Lead Admissions Liaison Manager | Alsana®
Lexi CleverlyLead Admissions Liaison and Professional Relations Manager | she/her/hers

    Hey there! I’m Lexi,  Lead Admissions Liaison and Professional Relations Manager for Alsana. I have been working with Alsana since August 2018.

    I was drawn to Alsana because I am passionate about helping those who are struggling.  Alsana believes in helping people heal the way I do. I love being part of our clients’ recovery journey and find deep fulfillment when they realize they have options and support.

    In my free time, I like spending time with my husband and my Yorkie puppy, Teddy. We especially enjoy spending time on the water and on the beach. I also enjoy spending time with my family at the happiest place on earth.

    At Alsana, we believe recovery happens in community. I know the first steps are the hardest, but you don’t have to go it alone. My team and I look forward to being of service so you can make healing your top priority.

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