Mary Mitchem, RN | Alsana®
Mary Mitchem, RNAdmissions Nurse

    Mary received her Associate of Arts degree in General Studies from Lane Community College and her Associate in Applied Science degree in Nursing from the college’s School of Nursing. She was inspired to join Alsana for its commitment to client safety and holistic approach to help clients find recovery from eating disorders. She believes the program’s dedication to growth with integrity brings teams together and encourages each employee to do their best work for the benefit of the clients. She finds helping clients prepare for a future of healing and recovery very rewarding, realizing that committing to treatment is a very difficult decision. She says it is an honor to provide encouragement to and hold hope for clients as they progress through the pre-admission process. Mary previously spent two years as a staff nurse and two and a half years as the nurse manager in residential eating disorder treatment centers.

    Mary lives in the great state of Oregon and owns a mini-farm with chickens, dogs, cats and a rescue goat that she shares with her partner and children. She is a Harry Potter fan and has read or listened to the series multiple times.