Quemille Benitez | Alsana®
Quemille BenitezDirector of Regional Outreach

    Quemille is our director of regional outreach in the Orange County area. Her role is to establish collaborative referral partnerships in the area and share the meaningful, life-changing work Alsana offers with the Orange County community.

    Quemille graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in English education from California State University, Long Beach. Prior to Alsana, she worked to support families in need and implement a holistic and wellness approach to education.

    Her core values include radical empathy, positivity, accountability, gratitude, and respect. She is deeply committed to cultivating authentic and collaborative relationships, and her life goal is to live full of love and deep connections with continual growth toward self-actualization.

    Quemille has a strong, enlivening, and adventurous personality. She loves traveling to new countries and national parks or getting lost in her current novel, podcast, or TV series. She loves spending time with her big, wild family. Quemille has lived in three different regions of Spain, all of which had unique cultures, climates, and cuisines.

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