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PRESS RELEASE: Alsana Announces Opening of New Six-Bed Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Program (RTC) in Thousand Oaks, CA

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Led by Jessica Harris, LMFT, CEDS, Alsana Thousand Oaks RTC offers adult clients of all genders a holistic, affirming, compassionate recovery experience within a safe, all-body inclusive community


(ST. LOUIS, Mo) April 7, 2022 – Alsana, an eating disorder treatment provider and community, has announced the opening of a six-bed Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Thousand Oaks, CA, expanding care access for adult clients of all genders who are recovering from eating disorders and co-occurring conditions.

Alsana’s Thousand Oaks RTC is one of eleven residential eating disorder treatment programs located in California, Missouri, and Alabama. It is located near Alsana’s Westlake Day Treatment Center (PHP/IOP), providing greater convenience and continuity of care for clients as they transition from RTC to programs offering more autonomy. On March 3, Regional Executive Director for Alsana Southern California, Jessica Harris, hosted a virtual open house to introduce the new program to Alsana’s community of provider partners.

“When we set out to build the Thousand Oaks  Residential Program, it was important to create an environmental design that feels therapeutic, inclusive, and welcoming to clients and their families,” Harris said. “This program takes place in a comfortable, intimate setting where clients can feel safe as they begin their recovery journey with our community.”


Treatment programming is affirming, evidence-based, and designed in alignment with Alsana’s core treatment philosophy, the Adaptive Care Model®- a holistic approach to helping people achieve full recovery. The Thousand Oaks facility was designed to foster the inclusion of all body types, with full-size beds in every resident room. Common areas such as the art room and lounge are furnished to be comfortable and accommodating for diverse body types.


Supporting the Movement Dimension of the Adaptive Care Model®, the space includes a movement room used for yoga practice and other recovery-minded movement modalities. Guided movement groups help clients develop nourishing relationships with movement and rest, supporting healthy attitudes toward exercise post-treatment.


Clients utilize the spacious kitchen and dining area for culinary- and nutrition-based activities. These one-on-one and group activities encourage clients to approach meals with curiosity and self-compassion while teaching valuable skills. “We embrace a philosophy of ‘all foods fit,’” Harris explained. “We’re very intentional about the language we use to describe food, and we encourage clients to explore the myriad ways in which food can be nourishing beyond being fuel.”


Like all Alsana programs, Thousand Oaks RTC accommodates vegan clients in recovery, helping them explore pre-treatment food beliefs and the motivations behind them. This support enables clients to practice plant-based diets safely, post-treatment if they so choose.


The opening of Alsana Thousand Oaks RTC is part of ongoing expansion efforts in response to the urgent need for eating recovery services. In November 2021, Alsana launched a 14-bed RTC program in Huntsville, AL. Earlier that year, Alsana opened a second RTC program in the St. Louis, MO, area. Alsana also continues to expand its virtual and in-person PHP/IOP offerings, suitable for clients stepping down level of care and those in need of early intervention for eating disorders and disordered eating.


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Alsana is an eating recovery community and treatment provider with in-person Residential and PHP/IOP programs in Alabama (Birmingham and Huntsville), California (Monterey, Santa Barbara, Westlake Village, and Thousand Oaks), and Missouri (St. Louis), and Virtual PHP/IOP offerings across the United States. Their approach to eating disorder treatment is compassionate, evidence-based, and designed in alignment with the Adaptive Care Model®. This holistic method seeks to address healing in all areas of clients’ lives by integrating medical, nutritional, and therapeutic care with movement and relational therapies. Alsana serves adult clients of all genders and sexual identities struggling with a broad spectrum of eating, feeding, and co-occurring disorders. Alsana’s programs accommodate the unique needs of vegan clients and clients struggling with ED-DMT1, also known as “diabulimia.” Learn more at www.alsana.com or visit alsanareviews.com. Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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