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People delay seeking eating disorder treatment for a lot of reasons. The fact is, while overcoming an eating disorder is challenging, it is also possible with the right team and definitely worth the effort.

We know the first steps can be the hardest, but that’s where we come in! You can chat with one of our compassionate eating disorder counselors now for free- anonymously.

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Lexi Cleverly | Lead Admissions Liason

I was drawn to Alsana because I am passionate about helping those who are struggling.  Alsana believes in helping people heal the way I do. I love being part of our clients’ recovery journey and find deep fulfillment when they realize they have options and support.

Kimi Mehl

Kimi Mehl | Admissions Liason

I am the most passionate about helping people be their most authentic selves and connecting them with people who can support them in their recovery. I am truly humbled and honored to work with such a compassionate team, and I love learning from them every day.

We would like to be your eating recovery community.

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