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Who we are

Alsana is an eating recovery community and treatment provider that helps adult clients of all genders achieve lasting eating disorder recovery and whole health.

We offer clients individualized, holistic ...

treatment programming that is built on the foundation of our Adaptive Care Model®. This allows our treatment teams to address and help heal all areas of clients’ lives – including relational and movement-related challenges that often go untreated with traditional ED care models.

With in-person programs in California, Alabama, and Missouri, and virtual programs that serve clients across the U.S., our compassionate team of eating disorder treatment professionals is committed to meeting each unique client where they are in their recovery journey.

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a young woman smiles as she chops leeks in her kitchen

Alsana Eating Disorder Treatment Locations

Alsana offers comprehensive eating disorder treatment across the country, ensuring accessible care for those in need. In Alabama, individuals can find specialized care at the Birmingham Residential and PHP/IOP facilities, dedicated to providing supportive environments for recovery. California hosts a wider array of Alsana communities, including the serene Monterey Residential and PHP/IOP programs, the nurturing spaces of Santa Barbara Residential and PHP/IOP, the tranquil Thousand Oaks Residential, and the welcoming Westlake Village Residential and PHP/IOP locations. Missouri complements this list with the St. Louis Residential and PHP/IOP programs, where Alsana continues its mission to deliver holistic and personalized eating disorder treatment. Each location is tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients, embodying Alsana’s commitment to healing and recovery.

Alsana's guiding principles.


Servant Leadership

We support and serve our fellow teammates with compassion and humbleness.


Lovingly Direct

We are kind, honest, transparent, and we say what needs to be said as compassionately as possible.


Let Your Light Shine

We share our passions and bring positivity to everything we do.


Be Awesome

We always strive for excellence and we delightfully exceed expectations.


Be Accountable

We do what we say and create unique solutions for each individual.


Clients First

We are here to serve our clients. Our clients come first and are the center of our universe.

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Conditions Treated By Alsana

At Alsana, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care and comprehensive treatment for a range of eating disorders. Our holistic approach addresses Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder, among many others, recognizing the unique journey of each individual. We understand the complexities of conditions like Diabulimia and Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), as well as Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorders (OSFED). Our integrated treatment model combines medical, nutritional, therapeutic, movement, and relational therapies to support healing in all aspects of life. At Alsana, we are committed to guiding our clients toward recovery and a renewed sense of hope.

We Treat The Following Conditions:

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Meet our team

Jessica Harris, LMFT, CEDS

Chief Operating Officer | she/her/hers

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Jessica Harris, LMFT, CEDS

As the Regional Executive Director Jessica Harris joined Alsana because of their guiding principles and reputation for providing quality clinical care. She graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Art in Psychology and a minor in Child Development. She obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Over the past 11 years, she has experience working with adolescents and adults of all genders and their loved ones at all levels of care including (inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient.) Previous to joining the Alsana team, Jessica opened residential and outpatient eating disorder programs across the nation and oversaw the operations of 11 programs in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Jessica loves to cook and try new restaurants, in her spare time she also loves to be outdoors exploring new hikes in the Los Angeles region and reading!

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Dr. Jay Joglekar, MD

Chief Medical Officer | he/him

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Dr. Jay Joglekar, MD

As Chief Medical Officer for Alsana, Dr. Jay Joglekar oversees all aspects of Alsana’s medical dimension. He works closely with program leadership, contract psychiatrists and physicians, medical nurses, and Alsana’s admissions team and reviews each client’s pre-admission medical assessments.

Before joining the Alsana team, Dr. Joglekar was an internal medical physician and leader in the eating recovery industry, overseeing five treatment programs (RTC, PHP, IOP) in the Washington DC region.

Dr. Joglekar earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and began his graduate from Johns Hopkins University. He completed his residency at HCMC in Minneapolis, MN (University of Minnesota) and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine (American Board of Internal Medicine).

As a physician with more than 17 years of experience, Dr. Joglekar embraces individualized, client-centric, collaborative approaches to care.

After medical school, Dr. Joglekar developed an electronic medical record at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, while conducting a Phase II clinical trial on advanced head and neck cancers. He also completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Joglekar resides in the Washington D.C. area with his wife and 2 children, where he enjoys playing tennis during his free time.

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Chris Gorciak

Vice President of Marketing

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Chris Gorciak

As Vice President of Marketing and part of Alsana’s Growth team, Chris leads the Alsana marketing team bringing more than ten years of data-driven healthcare marketing and leadership experience.

Chris’ background is characterized as a builder of marketing strategies with a track record of cultivating collaborative, high-performance teams that respond effectively to environmental, competitive, and marketplace challenges. His responsibilities and oversight include digital marketing, content strategy, web development, public relations, reputation management, social media, field marketing and events, and brand value creation.

He and his team are fully aligned with Alsana’s mission to deliver an inspired and compassionate healing experience to as many people as possible. Chris is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, and enjoys a good Angels baseball game, a relaxing day on Balboa Island, or a hearty backyard barbecue with his wife and family.

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Tyeler Viel

National Director of Outreach | she/her/hers

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Tyeler Viel

Tyeler received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from San Diego State in 2005 and a Masters in Marital Family Therapy from The University of San Diego in 2007, getting licensed in 2009. Before joining Alsana Tyeler, spent ten years working in various therapeutic settings and private education.

Growing up in a small Northern California mountain town provided her with a unique perspective on food. Once a month, she and her sisters would pile into the car, with ice chests at their feet, to make the two-hour trip over the mountains to the “big city” to get groceries for the month. It was always worth the drive because they would find delicious cheeses, exotic fruits, and artisan bread along with other items that they didn’t have in their local grocery back home. Those memories remain vivid and play an integral part in how she now helps clients who are healing their relationship with food through supportive and holistic treatment they need.

Tyeler is often regarded as a people person. She loves meeting new people and bringing people together. Her loved ones would probably mention how much she enjoys planning fun gatherings through her unique perspective on creativity. She has a deep passion for the mountains and now lives in Texas, where she can admire the flat prairie lands from her living room window. She is an Enneagram 2w3, which means she loves vulnerable conversations, one on one, and helping others. The work she gets to do at Alsana is purpose-driven, it’s a company she credits with “letting her light shine,” which allows her to be herself and truly make a difference.

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Blake Romanini, RN, MSN, MBA

National Nursing Director | he/him/his

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Blake Romanini, RN, MSN, MBA

Blake received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Youngstown State University in 2018, a Masters in Business Administration & Masters in Nursing Leadership from Grand Canyon University in 2020. Before joining Alsana Blake, spent years working in pediatric emergency & an outpatient adolescent eating disorder clinic.

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Our Credentials

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In The News

What Clients Say About Their Care Experiences

Find out what some of our alumni have to say about Alsana’s eating recovery community.

  • The staff at Alsana proved to be extremely talented in the art and the skill of not colluding with my eating disorder while...

    also not treating me as if  I was an eating disorder. They treated me like the real, whole person that I had lost sight of. They have an ability to hold nuance gently and they aren’t afraid to wade into the hardest waters, which is so much more helpful than receiving treatment that is guided by a rigid manual. There is an unbelievable amount of safety at Alsana because of this and my gratitude is crazy high!
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  • As I began to apply the knowledge I gained from Alsana into my daily life, I found that my anxiety, guilt, shame ...

    and self-criticism steadily faded like a candle flickering on its last legs. I found authentic joy in things I used to reprimand myself for doing. I took, and continue to take pride in the progress I made and continue to make. Most importantly, I am now capable of self-acceptance and self-love whether I succeed, fail or anything in between.
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  • Before coming to Alsana, I had never had a treatment experience in which the “how” and “why” of the eating ...

    disorder were addressed. This has proven to be essential in my treatment at Alsana and also in my daily life as a member of society. Alsana providers led me through so much illuminating self-reflection about topics that I had never before considered relevant to my treatment, recovery, or self in general. Alsana staff appreciate and treat the individual, and I felt this in and outside of therapy sessions. They always humored my random geography facts and propensity to trail glitter wherever I went. 🙂 Ultimately, my treatment experience at Alsana taught me how to be a shamelessly authentic individual, and it gave me a sense of safety to explore what it means to be myself.
    With so much love,
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What Insurance Does Alsana Accept for Treatment?

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Servant Leadership is at the core of our culture. We support and serve our fellow teammates with compassion and humility because we know that we are all in this together.

Alsana Careers are about providing hope and healing for clients in recovery, within a caring culture that’s built on servant leadership.

Alsana Careers are rewarding; we help clients get their life back so they can thrive and make our communities stronger.

Alsana Careers

Alsana is growing. Are you the servant leader we’ve been looking for?

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Most Commonly Asked

Our average length of stay is 30-45 days at RTC, 45-60 days in Day Treatment (PHP), and 45-60 days in Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP). Your length of stay is dependent on your clinical needs and preferences, clinical recommendations, and approval from your insurance provider (when applicable). Prior to returning home, we recommend that clients step down to lower levels of care within the program as to provide practice in a structured environment to support your long-term success.

In our experience, insurance companies will often pay for some or even most of eating disorder treatment. However, coverage plans vary, and it’s important to get an accurate statement of benefits from your insurance provider. Our admissions team will work closely with you and your insurance company to develop a good understanding of your insurance coverage. During your treatment stay you will be assigned a Utilization Review Specialist who works closely with your insurance company to get your care authorized. You can check your insurance coverage here, or contact our admissions department and we will be happy to assist you in discussing benefits with your insurance company.

We accommodate vegetarianism at our facilities. Our culinary team provides creative vegetarian menu options daily. Our dietitians will work with you to develop a vegetarian meal plan that meets your nutritional needs. The entire treatment team will partner with you to explore if vegetarianism overlaps with your eating disorder and provide a safe and supportive environment to challenge any food beliefs that interfere with your recovery.

Alsana will work to meet you where you are if you follow a vegan meal plan upon admission. Although we cannot promise a fully-vegan kitchen, our culinary program uses minimal animal-based products, our vegetarian menu accommodates veganism, and our sauces and dressings are made from scratch. Your treatment team will partner with you to explore the roots of your veganism lifestyle and if it overlaps with your eating disorder. As you progress through recovery, we provide a safe, supportive environment which explores the real-life challenges that veganism can present and help you determine if a vegan lifestyle can support your recovery.

We allow smoke breaks at scheduled times during the day. One or two caffeinated beverages per day are also allowed if meal plans are followed.

Yes, cell phones and other electronics are allowed during scheduled times.

We avoid hospitalization, IVs and tube feedings unless absolutely necessary. We do not provide IVs or tube feedings in our treatment centers. If necessary, you will be transported to a nearby hospital and return to Alsana when you are stable. Or, Alsana will help you transfer to an inpatient eating disorder program until you are medically stable to return. Our team will work in collaboration with your team at the hospital to promote continuity of care.

You will need to complete a clinical assessment and our medical packet for clinical and medical clearance. A physician will need to supply the results of the specific lab work and screenings. For more information about our admissions process, see the bottom of this page or contact the admissions team at 1-888-822-8938.

Eating disorders are complex and can result from an interaction of biological/genetic influences, temperamental and personality factors, behavioral tendencies, and environmental risks. At Alsana, we seek to understand the ins and outs of your eating disorder. We understand that your eating disorder serves a purpose or function and we adapt your treatment plan accordingly. Eating disorders affect all aspects of the human experience: psychological, medical, nutritional, physical, and relational. We seek to address each of these dimensions in our program.

At our residential facilities, a structured, supportive environment is essential to stabilize your symptoms. As the treatment progresses, you will have more autonomy and responsibility. We’ll integrate more activities to help you transition to life outside of treatment. You will go out for meals, groceries, and recreation. As you progress even further, you will receive passes to spend time with family members, friends, or going out on your own.

At Alsana, we bring together people with different types of eating disorders to promote a greater understanding of themselves and others. Different types of eating disorders share similarities, and this understanding fosters connection and compassion. We believe there is little benefit in separating individuals by eating disorders since this can lead to a negative effect of stigmatizing specific behaviors or groups.

Exercise and movement are an integral component of our Adaptive Care Model™ at Alsana. Our evidence-based movement program changes exercise from a compulsive behavior to a way of caring for our bodies. As part of our movement program, we help you understand the motivation or purpose behind movement in your life and help you work toward moving and exercising for enjoyment and pleasure. We teach you to work with your body rather than against it. Our program includes fun and enjoyable activities including exercise, brain education, and low-intensity movement to help you towards sustained recovery.

As part of your treatment program and when possible, we assign you to a primary therapists who specializes in treating chemical dependence. Additionally, there are weekly groups for chemical dependence or co-occurring disorders. Alsana also hosts 12-step meetings and can arrange for you to attend offsite meetings in the evenings and weekends if you are approved for passes.

We know that clients with family/supportive other involvement in the treatment and recovery process have better outcomes related to full, sustained recovery and strive to support and educate those who will be supporting our clients when they discharge. A few of our offerings include Weekly Support Groups, Virtual Workshops focused on psychoeducation and support, Family & Friends Intensives, a password-protected resource page for family members, and support others on our website and sessions with clients and their loved ones to focus on enhancing and strengthening those relationships.

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