It takes courage to choose hope over fear


“It’s okay to be scared.
Being scared means you are about to do something really brave.”

Asking for help with an eating disorder is a brave choice toward recovery. At Alsana, we’re here to help make the first step a little easier. Our admissions team is a compassionate group of professionals including admission masters level therapists, licensed RNs who specialize in eating disorder treatment, and admission counselors who will serve as your point person to walk alongside you offering a guiding hand through the process. This is the first step in your journey to recovery and we understand its importance as well as the courage it takes to reach out for help.


It’s an Easy Five Step Process



Reach out to our Admissions team either via phone at 888-822-8938 or the Contact Form below. We’ll set up a clinical admissions assessment.


Insurance Review

With your consent our team will contact your health care insurance provider and obtain a quote of benefits. We’ll review this information with you so that you can make an informed decision on your treatment options and what your insurance will cover.


Clinical Assessment

Our Assessment Specialists are masters level clinicians trained to gather important information on your eating disorder symptoms as well as other clinical symptoms or conditions that bring suffering into your life.


Medical Clearance

Prior to admission, you will need to complete our medical packet (PDF) which includes important lab work and screenings. This information is reviewed by our medical and admission nursing team to determine the appropriate level of care that will best meet your current needs.



Following your assessment and review, if in agreement that Alsana is the right place for you, we’ll select an admission date, help you coordinate your travel arrangements, and connect you with the program director at the location where your recovery journey will begin.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the average length of stay?

Our average length of stay is 30-45 days at RTC, 45-60 days at PHP and 45-60 days at IOP. Your length of stay is dependent on your clinical needs and preferences, clinical recommendations, and approval from your insurance provider (when applicable). We recommend that clients step down to lower levels of care within the program to provide practice in a structured environment prior to returning home.

Will insurance pay for any of the treatments?

In our experience, insurance companies will often pay for some or even most of the treatment. However, sometimes it is not easy to accurately determine benefits. Our admissions team will work closely with you and your insurance company to determine your insurance coverage. While you are in treatment with us, we will submit insurance claims on your behalf, at no charge, and will work closely with you and the insurance provider to obtain the maximum allowed reimbursement. Contact our Admissions Department and they would be happy to assist you in discussing benefits with your insurance company.

Does Alsana accommodate vegetarianism?

We accommodate vegetarianism at our facilities. Our dietitians will work with you to develop a vegetarian meal plan that meets your nutritional needs.

Does Alsana allow smoking or caffeine?

We allow clients who are smokers to have smoke breaks at scheduled times during programming. Clients are also allowed to have 1-2 caffeinated beverages per day if they are following their meal plan and fluid protocol.

Does Alsana allow electronics, such as tablets and cell phones?

Yes, clients are allowed to use their cell phones and other electronics during scheduled times. As clients progress through the levels of treatment, they have increased access to electronics.

What if I need hospitalization, intravenous feedings or tube feedings?

We avoid hospitalization, IVs and tube feedings unless absolutely necessary. We do not provide IVs or tube feedings in our current Alsana programs. If necessary, you would be transported to a nearby hospital until you were stable to return to Alsana, or Alsana will help you transfer to an Inpatient eating disorder program until you are medically stable to return to Alsana. Our team would would work in collaboration with your team at the hospital to promote continuity of care.

What information does the staff need prior to acceptance to Alsana?

Before your arrival you need to provide required health and medical documentation. A complete list and more information about our admissions process can be found on our Admissions page (link) or by contacting the admissions team at 1-888-822-8938.

Will adolescents be accepted for treatment?

We accept clients 16 and older at our PHP and IOP levels of care and clients 18 and older at our residential levels of care. Under special circumstances, with family involvement, we can accept younger teenagers.

What Causes an Eating Disorder?

The cause of an eating disorder is complex and the result of an interaction of biological/genetic influences, temperamental and personality factors, behavioral tendencies, and environmental risks. At Alsana, we seek to understand the developmental path of the eating disorder for each client. We understand that the eating disorder served a purpose or function for each client and we adapt treatment accordingly. The eating disorder affects all aspects of the human experience, including psychological, medical, nutritional, physical, and relational, and we address all of these dimensions in our program.

How Much “Freedom” is Allowed at Alsana?

At our residential facilities, we provide structure and support to create an environment that assists clients in stabilizing their symptoms. As clients progress through treatment, they have more autonomy and responsibility. More activities are integrated to assist clients in transitioning to life outside of treatment. Clients have access to electronics and they attend meal outings, grocery outings, and recreational outings. As clients progress they are also allowed passes with family members, peers, and independent passes.

Do you treat clients with different eating disorders in the same groups?

At Alsana we are intentional in integrating our clients with different types of eating disorders to promote understanding of themselves and others. We believe different types of eating disorders share similarities and that clients with different eating disorders experience connection and compassion by interacting. We believe that separating individuals with eating disorders decreases understanding and in some cases promotes stigma associated with specific behaviors or body sizes.

How do we approach Exercise?

Exercise and movement are an integral component of our Adaptive Care Model at Alsana. Our evidence-based movement program changes the functional relationship of exercise from a compulsive behavior to a tool of adaptive care by teaching clients to work with the body rather than against it through exercise psycho-education and low intensity experiential activities, restoring pleasure in movement as a tool for sustained recovery.

What if I have substance abuse?

Specific therapists on our staff at Alsana specialize in chemical dependence. Additionally, there is a weekly chemical dependence or co-occurring disorders group at each facility. We also have on-site 12-step meetings and can arrange for clients to attend 12-step meetings in the evenings and weekends; if the client is approved for passes.


Here to support while you regain balance.

Required Documentation for Admissions

Blood work, urinalysis, urine drug screen, and EKG cannot be more
than 14 days old at the time of admission,
to ensure that we provide accurate medical oversight.


We are here for you.

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