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Alsana would like to be your virtual eating recovery community.

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Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Alsana is proud to offer flexible Virtual IOP/PHP services to serve clients across the United States. Our virtual programs do not replace in-person treatment offerings but provide additional flexibility to help us meet clients’ unique needs. Alsana’s virtual programming is designed in the spirit of meeting each client where they are in their recovery.


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2021 Perception of Care

Alsana’s care teams administer Perception of Care Surveys for all clients when they step down to a new level of care or discharge from Alsana, regardless of discharge type. This aids our teams in identifying opportunities for improvement while also inviting clients to reflect on their care experience and use their authentic voices.

92 percent of Perception of Care Survey* responses received from Virtual PHP/IOP clients said they would recommend Alsana to others in need of eating disorder treatment.

* N=170;because Alsana clients are surveyed about PoC when stepping down their level of care and when discharging from programs, the percentage above does not describe a percentage of survey respondents, but the overall results in terms of survey responses received.


virtual programs

Flexible scheduling options for Virtual PHP/IOP

Because the number of clients interested in virtual programs is growing, we have expanded our virtual offerings....

All of our virtual programs now offer morning, mid-day, and evening session options. Virtual PHP services are now offered seven days a week, up to six hours per day, and Virtual IOP services are offered three to five days a week, up to three hours per day.

This expansion will help us accommodate diverse client schedules, provide greater client convenience, and improve access to care.

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virtual programs

We would like to be your virtual eating recovery community.

Receive quality, holistic eating disorder treatment from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Contact us today to find out if virtual treatment is the right option for you.

Alsana is an advocate for clients in receiving insurance coverage for virtual eating disorder care. We are in-network for virtual programming with nearly all major payors. In addition, there are many plans that have agreed to waive co-pays.

Virtual eating disorder care that meets you where you are in recovery.

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