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Recovery takes a community

At Alsana, we believe that healing happens in relationships. All of our in-person and virtual programs are inclusive, welcoming all genders and all members of the LGBTQ+ community.


2021 Perception of Care

Alsana’s care teams administer Perception of Care Surveys for all clients when they step down to a new level of care or discharge from Alsana, regardless of discharge type. This aids our teams in identifying opportunities for improvement while also inviting clients to reflect on their care experience and use their authentic voices.


In 2021, 38 percent of our clients identified as LGBTQ+.


91 percent of the Perception of Care Survey* responses received from LGBTQ+-identifying clients said they would recommend Alsana to others in need of eating disorder treatment.

*N=663; because Alsana clients are surveyed about PoC when stepping down their level of care and when discharging from programs, the percentages above do not describe a percentage of survey respondents but the overall results in terms of survey responses received from LGBTQ+-identifying clients.

LGBTQ+ clients from all Alsana programs were surveyed. Perception of Care data below reflect responses collected from January through December 2020.


32% of Alsana clients identify as LGBTQ+


92% would recommend Alsana to others.


94% said Alsana was accepting and affirming.


93% said they were able to show up authentically and be respected.


94% said their gender identity was respected and affirmed at Alsana.


99% said their sexual identity was respected and affirmed at Alsana.

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LGBTQ+ Safe Space

Statistics show that eating disorders are much more prevalent in the LGBTQ community than in the general population.

  • Gay males are estimated to make up only 5% of the total male-identifying population, but 42% of men with diagnosed eating disorders identify as gay.
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community face many access-to-care barriers, one of them being a lack of culturally-competent providers.
  • Trauma is a common obstacle among people with eating disorders. LGBTQ-identifying individuals face higher rates of gender violence.
  • 71% of transgender individuals between the ages of 13 and 24  have diagnosed eating disorders.

For a space to be truly safe for the LGBTQ population, it must be more than physically safe and generally respectful. It must be affirming, intentional, and compassionate— taking safety and respect to a new level.

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NEW Eating Disorder Screening App

Alsana’s Eating Disorder Evaluator App will help you determine whether you or your loved one needs eating disorder treatment, as well as which level and method of care may be right for you.

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Eating disorder treatment during COVID-19

Here’s what one client had to say about their experience receiving in-person eating disorder treatment at Alsana in Santa Barbara during COVID-19. 

I was referred to Alsana by my inpatient treatment team. They said they had a lot of good experiences working with Alsana and when I was considering my options, the team at Alsana was so welcoming and got back to me quickly. I just felt good about it… 

I would say that this program is taking things seriously and quarantine, in general, is very isolating and difficult. Having an eating disorder just makes that experience even harder, and there is the added anxiety about going outside and interacting with other people. If you have an eating disorder you don’t need yet another reason not to go to the supermarket. Being in treatment provides an opportunity to get support. Especially if you are all alone, this is the time you need that extra support. I can’t imagine having to go through this without the support of my team…

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