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Free eating disorder recovery resources.
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Weekly online alumni meeting

Tuesdays at noon, PST (2PM CST & 3PM EST)

As an eating recovery community that believes healing happens in relationships, Alsana is committed to offering continued group support to its alumni ...

following step-down from our higher levels of care. The Alsana National Admissions Office will provide free weekly online eating disorder support groups held exclusively for Alsana alumni every Tuesday at 12pm PST. This group is educational in nature and provides participants with an online community in which one can receive support and encouragement from the facilitator as well as peers.

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two week summer intensives at Alsana

Free Online Eating Disorder Support Group

Every other Friday at noon, PST (2PM CST & 3PM EST)

Our online eating disorder supports groups are facilitated by Tyeler Viel, Julia Shuster, Sara Folsom Thelier, Julia Burke, and Molly Dixon.

  • Alsana support groups are offered at no cost to support adults of all genders in their eating disorder recovery.
  • This group is pro-recovery and its goals are to help people suffering from eating disorders know they’re not alone, reduce shame, brainstorm solutions to common challenges, relate to one another, and inspire hope.
  • We ask that all participants read and respect our Online Support Group Guidelines.

2024 Support Group Dates:

January 12, January 26, February 9, February 23, March 8, March 22, April 5, April 19, May 3, May 17, May 31, June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26, August 9, August 23, September 6, September 20, October 4, October 18, November 1, November 15, November 29, December 13, December 27.

Meet Our Support Group Facilitators

Tyeler Viel

National Director of Outreach | she/her/hers

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Tyeler Viel

Tyeler received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from San Diego State in 2005 and a Masters in Marital Family Therapy from The University of San Diego in 2007, getting licensed in 2009. Before joining Alsana Tyeler, spent ten years working in various therapeutic settings and private education.

Growing up in a small Northern California mountain town provided her with a unique perspective on food. Once a month, she and her sisters would pile into the car, with ice chests at their feet, to make the two-hour trip over the mountains to the “big city” to get groceries for the month. It was always worth the drive because they would find delicious cheeses, exotic fruits, and artisan bread along with other items that they didn’t have in their local grocery back home. Those memories remain vivid and play an integral part in how she now helps clients who are healing their relationship with food through supportive and holistic treatment they need.

Tyeler is often regarded as a people person. She loves meeting new people and bringing people together. Her loved ones would probably mention how much she enjoys planning fun gatherings through her unique perspective on creativity. She has a deep passion for the mountains and now lives in Texas, where she can admire the flat prairie lands from her living room window. She is an Enneagram 2w3, which means she loves vulnerable conversations, one on one, and helping others. The work she gets to do at Alsana is purpose-driven, it’s a company she credits with “letting her light shine,” which allows her to be herself and truly make a difference.

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Julia Shuster

Transitional Recovery Coach | she/her/hers

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Julia Shuster

Hi, I’m Julia!

I joined the Alsana Admissions Team in November 2021 as a Transitional Recovery Coach. This is an exciting role for me as I have a passion for raising awareness about eating disorders prevention and treatment, and supporting people as they heal their relationships with food and their bodies.

“If you can’t beat fear, do it scared.” – Unknown


I graduated with a liberal arts degree from the University of New Mexico where I studied Nutrition and Psychology. I believe it was my own recovery journey that not only led me to the work I do now with Alsana but through an array of nourishing opportunities to be of service and give back to the ED recovery community, some of which include:

  • Recovery coaching
  • Size Diversity training
  • Facilitating body image groups and eating disorder support groups
  • Recovery speaking
  • Joyful Movement coaching
  • Eating disorder advocacy
  • Every Body is Beautiful Project graduate
  • Official Body Project Facilitator (through NEDA affiliates)
  • EDRDPro Ambassador
  • Certified trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine

Doing what I love

I consider it a privilege to support folks as they contemplate treatment and reassure them they’re not alone as they make these hard, first decisions about their recovery. Being present with people, offering a safe space to process, and empowering them to hope brings me a lot of fulfillment, both personally and professionally.

My mission is to make treatment as accessible as possible by encouraging individuals to put their whole health first; I feel honored and fortunate to  hold space for people to express their feelings and validate what they’re going through. 

Why Alsana

I was drawn to Alsana because of its innovations in eating disorder treatment and dedication to making recovery not only possible but probable. I have enjoyed being a part of the Alsana community and have been continuously impressed by the quality of the people here.

In my free time

When I am not at Alsana, I enjoy spending time with my dog, Kid, playing the banjo, practicing aerial artistry, and canoeing down the Rio Grande.

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Sara Folsom Thelier

Professional Relations Manager & Outreach Event Coordinator

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Sara Folsom Thelier

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Molly Dixon

Regional Director of Outreach | she/her/hers

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Molly Dixon

Molly is a mental health professional, licensed to provide psychotherapy in Maryland. She found her passion for mental health during her education at Towson University where she identified her innate need for helping others and promoting the importance of mental wellness and the importance of providing quality, high standard patient care. She furthered her experience at the Johns Hopkins Hospital as a leader of the Patient Experience team while completing her Masters Degree in applied psychology and obtaining counseling licensure.

As Director of Regional Outreach of the mid-atlantic, Molly helps connect healthcare professionals with Alsana to ensure their clients are comfortable in their courageous decision to pursue eating disorder treatment. She is dedicated to providing a personalized experience to both providers and individuals seeking treatment. Molly arrived to Alsana with experience as an outreach professional for mental health and dual diagnosis residential treatment.

Molly has called the DMV area home for over 10 years but is a native of New Jersey. Her goal is to bring awareness of Alsana’s passion and treatment approach to the mid-atlantic region.

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Julia Burke

Regional Director of Outreach | she/her/hers

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Julia Burke

In her capacity as the Director of Regional Outreach, Julia is committed to supporting each professional and their clients’ needs.

Julia holds a special connection with the mission and values of Alsana, as she firmly believes in the possibility of recovery and the importance of communities uniting to achieve lasting well-being. As she puts it, “The mission and values of Alsana truly resonate with me. I’m a firm believer in the potential for recovery and the transformative impact of relationships, knowledge and community support.

Julia’s journey has always been centered around her passion for assisting others. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Educational Studies, and furthered her education with a Master’s in Social Work. Prior to her current role, she served as a dedicated school social worker as well as a psychotherapist in private practice, experiences that reinforced the significance of connection and community.

During her leisure time, you can find Julia at the dog park with her Boston Terrier, Bosco, or cozying up with a good book or HBO series on a stormy day.

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Who is this eating disorder recovery online group intended to help?

  • This group is intended for those actively experiencing an eating disorder or in recovery from an eating disorder.
  • This group is not intended for family, friends, or providers as this may change the dynamic and safety of the group.
  • While people of all motivation levels are welcome, our discussion is pro-recovery, pro-treatment, and HAES-aligned.

What to expect in this eating disorder recovery online community

  • The facilitator will admit you into the group, giving a few minutes for everyone to join. The facilitator will then walk through the guidelines to create a safe and supportive environment.  New members are encouraged to use a Zoom emoji so the community can welcome them. The discussion is usually prompted with a quote or topic, though the conversation is flexible and participants can raise their hand (either using Zoom emoji or actual hand on camera) to share. Most people have their cameras on and cameras-on is strongly encouraged to foster community and connection. The meeting is 45 minutes long.

Online eating disorder support groups benefits

  • Feeling less alone
  • Relating to others
  • Reducing shame by normalizing common struggles
  • Safe space to connect with facilitator ensuring guidelines keep the discussion as trigger-free as possible
  • To feel heard and listened to
  • To listen to other’s experiences
  • Brainstorm together solutions or ideas
  • Practice advocating for yourself
  • Practice using recovery-focused language
  • Connection with a recovery-focused community
  • Virtual group makes it accessible to people no matter location

Summer Support Series

FREE SEASONAL GROUP | July 26 – August 30
Meets weekly on Wednesdays | 5:30 PST (7:30 CDT/8:30 EST) 

Alsana’s summer support series is designed for individuals (18+) seeking community and resources to help navigate seasonal eating disorder triggers. This free online support group is an opportunity to connect with others in recovery and engage in topic-based discussions with guidance from our multidisciplinary team of facilitators.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Family Dynamics
  • Hydration, Fuel, and Rest
  • Summer Strategies for Individuals in Larger Bodies
  • Warm-Weather Diet Culture

Meet Our Summer Support Group Facilitators

Headshot for Dr. Garber, wearing blue shirt

Dr. Nicole Garber

Chief Medical Officer


Molly Binenfeld

Therapist, Westlake Village PHP/IOP


Holley Moates, MS, RDN, LD

Lead Dietitian, St. Louis RTC


Deborah Babgy, RN

Registered Nurse, Birmingham RTC

Deborah Bagby, RN

Registered Nurse | she/her/they/them

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Deborah Bagby, RN

Deborah joined the Alsana family in 2021 and currently serves as a staff nurse in the Birmingham, Alabama region. She finds joy in celebrating the unique qualities in each person, while acknowledging the common threads that bind us all together. Deborah feels honored to work in residential care where she can assist clients in the medical aspects of recovery, while getting to know each person as an individual. Her greatest aspiration is to make each client, family member, and colleague feel respected and seen. 

Deborah received her BSN in nursing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has previous experience in hospital medical-surgical nursing and cardiac step-down. Prior to that, she worked as a credit policy analyst in the finance industry, but definitely is happier working with humans than numbers. Deborah also enjoys spending time with her wife, fur babies, and large extended family.

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Molly Binenfeld

Therapist | she/her/hers

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Molly Binenfeld

Molly is a Primary Therapist at Alsana’s Westlake Village PHP/IOP location. In this role, she works with clients in individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and in supportive other work. 

Molly is passionate about working with clients as they explore their core beliefs, challenge social and cultural messages, connect to their values, and create lives that are congruent and fulfilling. She draws from her clinical and lived experience in her work to challenge diet culture and dismantle the systems that perpetuate it. Molly specializes in working with the co-occurring presentation of eating and substance use disorders. 

Prior to becoming a therapist, Molly worked in Financial and Crisis Communications for some of the world’s largest hedge funds and financial institutions. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she previously lived in and worked in New York and Hong Kong before returning to California. In her free time, Molly enjoys traveling, reading, creative writing, and exploring new restaurants with friends. 

Molly received her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy with honors from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Colgate University, where she graduated cum laude. 

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These groups are not meant as replacement for therapy. Please click the button of the group you are interested in joining to reserve your space. We will need you to fill out a short waiver stating that you understand this is not a replacement for eating disorder treatment.

We will support you in finding your balance, purpose and possibilities. Welcome to Alsana. We are so glad you found us.

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