Online Eating Disorder Support Group

Our eating disorder recovery online community is the best way to help your journey.
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Weekly online alumni meeting

Tuesdays at noon, PST (2PM CST & 3PM EST)

As an eating recovery community that believes healing happens in relationships, Alsana is committed to offering continued group support to its alumni ...

following step-down from our higher levels of care. The Alsana National Admissions Office will provide free weekly online eating disorder support groups held exclusively for Alsana alumni every Tuesday at 12pm PST. This group is educational in nature and provides participants with an online community in which one can receive support and encouragement from the facilitator as well as peers.

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two week summer intensives at Alsana

Free Online Eating Disorder Support Group

Every other Friday at noon, PST (2PM CST & 3PM EST)

Our online eating disorder supports groups are facilitated by Dr. Nicole Garber, Tyeler VielJulia Shuster, and Sara Folsom Thelier.

  • Alsana support groups are offered at no cost to support adults of all genders in their eating disorder recovery.
  • This group is pro-recovery and its goals are to help people suffering from eating disorders know they’re not alone, reduce shame, brainstorm solutions to common challenges, relate to one another, and inspire hope.
  • We ask that all participants read and respect our Online Support Group Guidelines.

Group Facilitators

Headshot for Dr. Garber, wearing blue shirt

Dr. Nicole Garber

Chief Medical Officer


Tyeler Viel

National Director of Regional Outreach


Julia Shuster

Transitional Recovery Coach


Sara Folsom Thelier

Professional Relations Manager & Outreach Event Coordinator

Who is this eating disorder recovery online group intended to help?

  • This group is intended for those actively experiencing an eating disorder or in recovery from an eating disorder.
  • This group is not intended for family, friends, or providers as this may change the dynamic and safety of the group.
  • While people of all motivation levels are welcome, our discussion is pro-recovery, pro-treatment, and HAES-aligned.

What to expect in this eating disorder recovery online community

  • The facilitator will admit you into the group, giving a few minutes for everyone to join. The facilitator will then walk through the guidelines to create a safe and supportive environment.  New members are encouraged to use a Zoom emoji so the community can welcome them. The discussion is usually prompted with a quote or topic, though the conversation is flexible and participants can raise their hand (either using Zoom emoji or actual hand on camera) to share. Most people have their cameras on and cameras-on is strongly encouraged to foster community and connection. The meeting is 45 minutes long.

Online eating disorder support groups benefits

  • Feeling less alone
  • Relating to others
  • Reducing shame by normalizing common struggles
  • Safe space to connect with facilitator ensuring guidelines keep the discussion as trigger-free as possible
  • To feel heard and listened to
  • To listen to other’s experiences
  • Brainstorm together solutions or ideas
  • Practice advocating for yourself
  • Practice using recovery-focused language
  • Connection with a recovery-focused community
  • Virtual group makes it accessible to people no matter location

These groups are not meant as replacement for therapy. Please click the button of the group you are interested in joining to reserve your space. We will need you to fill out a short waiver stating that you understand this is not a replacement for eating disorder treatment.

We will support you in finding your balance, purpose and possibilities. Welcome to Alsana. We are so glad you found us.

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