Treatment Outcomes

2019-2020 Treatment Outcomes

Alsana leadership and treatment teams work collaboratively to develop, train, and create consistency across all programs and clinics. Within this client-first framework, our care embodies a holistic approach, offering hope, healing, and the keys to full recovery.

We are pleased to share these Treatment Outcomes data with our eating recovery community. Outcomes data from both 2019 and 2020 were included in our study to provide the full spectrum and most transparent and accurate information on our care, including the influence of COVID-19.  Please contact our team with any questions.

The Alsana outcome study was anonymously peer reviewed by the American Psychological Association (APA). The study met the APA’s rigorous standards and was accepted to be presented at the APA’s 2021 international conference.

Demonstrating the efficacy of our
Adaptive Care Model®

Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model for eating disorder treatment outperforms traditional treatment models in reducing eating disorders symptoms.

We utilize the Eating Disorder Exam Questionnaire (EDE-Q) to evaluate improvement in eating disorder symptoms from admission to discharge. The EDE-Q Global Score provides a psychometrically sound and empirically-validated overall measure of eating disorder behavior change.

How we measure the Adaptive Care Model

Adaptive Care Model

Each dimension within the Adaptive Care Model is individually effective in reducing eating disorder symptoms. In addition, data show the addition of movement and self-compassion interventions to typical treatment approaches improves eating disorder treatment outcomes.

At Alsana, we used the following measures to assess each dimension from admission to discharge:

  • Therapeutic Dimension– Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale
  • Nutrition Dimension – Safe/Unsafe Food List
  • Medical – Medical Acuity Index
  • Relational – Self Compassion Scale
  • Movement – Compulsive Exercise Test
  • Overall Eating Disorder symptoms – Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire.

In their own words

The nutrition philosophy at Alsana truly pushed me into recovery. I felt especially supported by the dietitians, even those who were not my personal dietitian. I’m getting so close to complete full freedom, which is amazing considering where I was just a few months ago.” – ALSANA CLIENT, Monterey

Former Client Paul | Eating Disorder Treatment Community

I have finally come to adopt a gentleness with myself. I have come to accept myself, and one of the ways I show myself is by not punishing and torturing my body and mind with exercise. It is absolutely phenomenal. I have time for relationships, friends, family, and hobbies because I’m not spending every free moment at the gym, working out, or stressing over the next workout. I won’t be exhausted all the time. My life won’t be ruled by the gym, or fitness class schedules. I can be spontaneous. I can be me. And it all came from trusting myself for once and taking a massive leap of faith. I promised myself that it will be the greatest thing I’ve ever done. And in reality, it was- because now I can feel that I am worthy, and this is what I deserve. – PAUL, An Alsana Alum

Perception of Care Survey Results

Every client that discharges our care is surveyed on their experience.

93 percent of clients who received treatment from Alsana said they would recommend Alsana to others. The recommendation rate for family members was 99 percent.

Perception of Care for LGBTQ+ Clients


92 percent of LGBTQ+ clients in 2019 and 2020 said they would recommend Alsana to others struggling with eating disorders.


99 percent of LGBTQ+ clients said they felt their sexual identity was respected and affirmed during treatment.

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2019-2020 Treatment Outcomes

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Adaptive Care

Our Adaptive Care Model® reflects our integrative approach to eating disorder treatment. We focus on the total health and well-being of each client by empowering these areas: medical, therapeutic, nutrition, movement, and relational practices.

Alsana leadership and treatment teams work collaboratively to develop, train, and create consistency within all of our clinics. Within this framework, we put the client first, offering the client essential tools as well as support to achieve a fully-recovered life.

Alsana's Adaptive Care Model for eating disorder recovery
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Medical Treatment

We heal bodies and minds.

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We believe in and practice all-inclusive nutrition.

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We support movement for every body.

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We cultivate compassion.

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We are accepting of all lived experiences.

We will support you in finding your balance, purpose and possibilities. Welcome to Alsana. We are so glad you found us.

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