Movement and eating disorder recovery

Helping clients approach movement and exercise from a space of self-compassion

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Our approach to movement

At Alsana, we believe in treating all aspects of the mind and body to achieve a full and balanced recovery. The Movement dimension of our Adaptive Care Model® is built on evidence-based treatment that helps clients redefine their relationships with physical activity. Our movement program enables clients to listen and respond to their bodies as they build a strong foundation of body awareness.

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The Alsana® difference

We embrace safe and healthy movement as part of the recovery process. Whether it’s walking your dog, exercising, or spending time with loved ones outdoors, movement is vital in leading healthy and fulfilling lives and a key aspect of recovery. We understand the importance of engaging in different types of physical activity and will teach you how to integrate more movement into your life on a regular basis. ...

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Movement for recovery

Explore the work of Alsana's Movement dimension.

Adaptive Care Model

Our Adaptive Care Model reflects our integrative approach to eating disorder treatment. We focus on the total health and well-being of each client by empowering these areas: medical, therapeutic, nutrition, movement, and relational practices.

Alsana's Adaptive Care Model for eating disorder recovery
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Medical Treatment

We heal bodies and minds.

Nutrition Icon for Alsana's Adaptive Care Model


We believe in and practice all-inclusive nutrition.

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We support movement, for every body.

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We cultivate compassion.

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We are accepting of all lived experiences.

Start the road to recovery with Alsana.

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