All-Inclusive Nutrition for Lasting Recovery

The Nutritional Dimension of Alsana's Adaptive Care Model® helps clients restore the balance between pleasure and nourishment.

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Nutritional healing

The Nutritional Dimension of Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model® balances nourishment and pleasure on a physical and emotional level to develop a positive and nurturing relationship with both food and body. ...

 With guidance and exposure to flexible food choices and real-life eating experiences, you will restore your confidence in eating to support a well-lived life and learn to enjoy the meal experience as more than just food itself.

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With our “All-Inclusive Nutrition” approach, we believe in flexibility and enjoyment of foods without shame or judgment. Alsana’s All-Inclusive Nutrition approach embraces the usefulness of all foods including those foods that are compact, innovative, and nutrient-rich to aid in the restoration and healing of the brain, body, and gut microbiome. This approach broadens nutrition healing for our clients from all cultural and diverse backgrounds.  Our goal is to create food neutrality by taking out the moral judgment of food and focusing on nourishment, flexibility, and pleasure in the nutritional healing process.

As in all aspects of our philosophy, we believe in healing that reflects your unique life story and adapting your meal plan to embrace your own personal journey to recovery. Our registered dietitians and culinary team will work with you to establish nourishing eating patterns and restore a trusting relationship between your food and your body within a compassionate, supportive, and safe environment.

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The Alsana® distinction

Alsana’s All-Inclusive Nutrition program integrates the balance of nourishment and pleasure within real-world scenarios without using measuring tools or exchanges. Understanding that an eating disorder thrives on rigidity and judgment, ...

 Alsana is committed to helping you change patterns that can hinder your full recovery by introducing a new way of thinking about food and meal planning from your first day of admission to the day you step back into your new life of recovery outside of Alsana.

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Using fuel groups and simple real-life visual guidelines, your new relationship with food embraces flexibility, balance, and curiosity and reflects a relationship with food that can easily and immediately transition with you when you are back home and living life within your own community.

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What to expect

At Alsana, nutritional care is completely integrated into the other dimensions of the Adaptive Care Model®, with a progressive movement toward client autonomy. Your dietitian works closely with your entire clinical treatment team to develop nutritional experientials designed just for you ...

 – experientials are meant to gradually create a food-neutral and balanced perspective of food as both nourishment and pleasure. Often, these challenges come in the form of different exposures, which may include activities such as:

  • Eating with peers on the Alsana grounds
  • Eating independently

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Going on a group outing to a local restaurant (currently limited due to COVID)
  • Restaurant experiential at which a restaurant meal is delivered on-site
  • Grocery shopping
  • Individual and group cooking sessions
  • Meal planning
  • Portioning and plating practice
  • Kitchen life-skills interactions

 Through these activities, along with ongoing support and education, Alsana’s nutritional care heals the body, as anxiety often triggered by food choices is reduced and shame around eating and body changes is eliminated. Your dietitian partners with you to create nourishing and sustainable eating patterns that begin restoring your confidence in eating and renewing a trusting relationship between your food and body within a compassionate, supportive and safe healing environment.

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Adaptive Care

The Adaptive Care Model reflects our holistic, integrative approach to eating disorder treatment. Our multi-disciplinary teams support clients in their recovery by empowering them to heal through medical, therapeutic, nutrition, movement, and relational practices.

Alsana's Adaptive Care Model for eating disorder recovery
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Medical Treatment

We heal bodies and minds.

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We believe in and practice all-inclusive nutrition.

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We support movement, for every body.

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We cultivate compassion.

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We are accepting of all lived experiences.

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