Adaptive Care Model is an Enhanced Version from what Castlewood Started

Three Levels of Treatment, One Model of Care


Here at Alsana, we offer three levels of treatment for our clients. No matter which treatment plan someone chooses, they will still get access to the best staff, and our Adaptive Care Model.

The Adaptive Care Model

The Adaptive Care Model is our signature method of treating eating disorders and co-occurring conditions here at Alsana. We developed this model because we realized that the best Castlewood staff developed an excellent model of care, that model needed to be enhanced so that more clients could experience the recovery and healing possible. Our Adaptive Care Model allows us to work in many different modalities, all with a servant leadership focus, and through three different programming methods of care.

Here at Alsana, we offer Residential, Day Treatment, and Intensive Outpatient. Here is how each of those programs work:

Residential Program:

Our residential program is the perfect choice for those clients who need 24-hour care. Clients will live in one of our newly renovated and updated residential homes, and will be supported by staff who can help to guide them and take them along the necessary steps toward a road of recovery. Therapy is provided in many different outlets, and clients live in a home like environment.

Day Treatment Program:

Our Day Treatment Program is perfect for clients who don’t need overnight supervision, but would like the same level of caring and compassionate recovery treatment as our residential program. Our day program offers up to 12 hours per day of programming, and is a great way for our clients to take the journey toward healing if they already have a supportive environment at home. Our Day Program clients get to take part in family therapy, as well as a family week. They get counseling with our therapists, as well as group counseling. They can even participate in our off campus housing in recovery-focused apartments (for an additional fee).

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program is the perfect choice for clients who need more attention and care than a typical outpatient team can provide for them, but do not need the structure and support of a residential or day treatment level of care. The intensive outpatient program includes group participation on topics such as skill development, and body image issues, nutritional education, art therapy, a weekly session with a registered dietitian, educational life skills sessions, and one to two sessions a week with their primary therapist.

Here at Alsana we want to help you choose a new treatment center for your recovery. Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn how the best Castlewood staff and other staff have come together to create Alsana and the Alsana Adaptive Care Model for the very best in eating disorder treatment programs.

Start your journey today.

If you or loved one needs help there is hope for healing.


“Here at Alsana we want to help you choose a new treatment center for your recovery.”

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