Healing happens in relationships

Alsana’s relational program provides guidance and support for clients to explore and grow their relationships with others and themselves as part of the recovery process.

eating disorder recovery

Relational healing

The Relational dimension of our Adaptive Care Model® provides support for clients to explore and grow in their ability to receive compassion from others, offer compassion to others as part of a community, and engage in self-compassion. These three flows of compassion are at the heart of the Relational Dimension. Relational work empowers clients to connect on a deeper level with themselves, others, and their sense of purpose and values within community. This part of the program instills hope, inspiration, and motivation along the healing journey and provides the tools and knowledge to thrive long after treatment.

eating disorder recovery
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The Alsana® difference

At Alsana, we help clients build wisdom, strength and courage to thrive. We know that treatment is most successful when you develop a strong sense of self and nurturing community that supports you in pursuing future hopes and dreams. Through our Supportive Other services, Family and Alumni Programs, and the use of Compassion-Focused Therapy, Alsana’s Relational dimension offers intentionality around connection with others and self.

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Recovery happens in relationships

The Relational Dimension of our Adaptive Care Model® explores:

Recovery happens in relationships

The Relational Dimension of our
Adaptive Care Model® explores:

Adaptive Care Model

The Adaptive Care Model reflects our holistic, integrative approach to eating disorder treatment. Our multi-disciplinary teams support clients in their recovery by empowering them to heal through medical, therapeutic, nutrition, movement, and relational practices.

Adaptive Care Model

Medical Treatment

We heal bodies and minds.



We believe in and practice all-inclusive nutrition.



We support movement, for every body.



We cultivate compassion.



We are accepting of all lived experiences.

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