Eating Disorder Treatment in St. Louis, Missouri

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When an individual receives early, adaptive, and developmentally appropriate care, their recovery from disordered eating is not only possible, it’s probable!

Residential eating disorder treatment
St. Louis - Ballwin Area

Alsana St. Louis rests on a serene 55-acre campus, where our clients can enjoy peaceful walks and group activities during their stay.

Alsana’s Ballwin-Area RTC is led by...

a team of dedicated and compassionate, eating disorder professionals who are committed to each unique client’s road to recovery. For greater ease and convenience for clients transitioning out of residential treatment, our PHP/IOP offerings are located in Fenton, Missouri, providing holistic programming seven days a week.

Alsana St. Louis, Missouri also offers treatment for ED-DMT1 (“Diabulimia”) clients.

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Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

A continuum of care options to meet you where you are on your eating recovery journey.

Alsana in Pacific, MO:

Juneberry common area

Missouri is now home to a second Alsana residential treatment center, expanding much-needed care access throughout the greater St. Louis community. A caring team of eating disorder treatment professionals welcomes adult clients of all genders, offering holistic residential treatment and industry-leading eating recovery programs in Pacific, MO.

Alsana in Pacific, MO, is now open and serving higher-acuity clients out of our beautiful new facility.

Our St. Louis, MO Staff

Our most valuable asset as a company is our people. Compassionate and collaborative ...

professionals, our Alsana staff work together to serve and help you on your path to recovery.

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Dr. Ryan Lee, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner | he/his

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Dr. Ryan Lee, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Dr. Ryan Lee joined Alsana’s St. Louis PHP Team in 2022. He is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with 11 years of professional experience in healthcare across the entire continuum of care including outpatient clinics, intensive-outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, residential treatment programs, inpatient psychiatric units, inpatient detoxification centers, and psychiatric emergency departments.

In his role as Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Lee is responsible for formulating accurate diagnoses and treatment of complex psychiatric conditions, including prescribing, evaluating, and monitoring response to medications. In addition, Dr. Lee closely collaborates with the entire clinical team to help guide treatment planning to ensure positive clinical outcomes.

Before Alsana, he worked for a nationally recognized residential treatment facility that specializes in treating patients with eating disorders, trauma-related disorders, and co-occurring substance use disorders. From 2018 to 2019, Dr. Lee served as the Director of Psychiatry for a PHP/IOP program located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Dr. Lee earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Fairfield University in 2011, and received his Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree from Fairfield University in 2016, graduating summa cum laude.

In his spare time, Dr. Lee enjoys traveling, hiking, producing music, cooking, and hanging out with his dog, Harper (yes, like Harper Lee: the author).

Fun fact: In another lifetime, Dr. Lee was a professional DJ and graffiti artist.


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In their own words

Let Alsana help you write your own story of hope and healing. We would like to be your eating recovery community

  • The staff at Alsana proved to be extremely talented in the art and the skill of not colluding with my eating disorder while...

    also not treating me as if  I was an eating disorder. They treated me like the real, whole person that I had lost sight of. They have an ability to hold nuance gently and they aren’t afraid to wade into the hardest waters, which is so much more helpful than receiving treatment that is guided by a rigid manual. There is an unbelievable amount of safety at Alsana because of this and my gratitude is crazy high!
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  • As I began to apply the knowledge I gained from Alsana into my daily life, I found that my anxiety, guilt, shame ...

    and self-criticism steadily faded like a candle flickering on its last legs. I found authentic joy in things I used to reprimand myself for doing. I took, and continue to take pride in the progress I made and continue to make. Most importantly, I am now capable of self-acceptance and self-love whether I succeed, fail or anything in between.
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  • Before coming to Alsana, I had never had a treatment experience in which the "how" and "why" of the eating ...

    disorder were addressed. This has proven to be essential in my treatment at Alsana and also in my daily life as a member of society. Alsana providers led me through so much illuminating self-reflection about topics that I had never before considered relevant to my treatment, recovery, or self in general. Alsana staff appreciate and treat the individual, and I felt this in and outside of therapy sessions. They always humored my random geography facts and propensity to trail glitter wherever I went. 🙂 Ultimately, my treatment experience at Alsana taught me how to be a shamelessly authentic individual, and it gave me a sense of safety to explore what it means to be myself. With so much love,
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Our locations

Alsana is proud to serve clients across the the United States at Residential, PHP, and IOP levels of care. We also offer Virtual Treatment options.

We will support you in finding your balance, purpose and possibilities. Welcome to Alsana. We are so glad you found us.

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