Alsana Treatment Center’s own Deanna James will be hosting a webinar on February 19th on the topic of Becoming Embodied: Body Image, Trauma and Eating Disorders. The webinar is designed for therapists, social workers, and psychologists that work with individuals that suffer with eating disorders or trauma. Deanna will speak about the importance of addressing the body and body image when dealing with clients with eating disorders and those that have experienced trauma.

Deanna’s topic is very relevant to the treatment field right now as many providers are finding that clients struggle with body image and trauma. Clients’ conditions are often complicated by their body memory and by the role trauma has played in their view of themselves.

This webinar will help participants learn how important it is to help clients address all areas of their life, in order for complete healing and understand Alsana’s treatment philosophy. According to Deanna, “The goal in body based interventions is to elicit rather than manage difficult emotions and provide body based skills for processing. This workshop will include discussion of barriers to body connection, goals for body connection, and body based interventions for both individual and group therapy.”

Deanna James is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Dance and Movement Therapist. She has been with the Alsana Treatment Center team since 2006. In her work, Deanna incorporates creative arts therapy, internal family systems therapy and cognitive behavioral therapies in order to help her clients achieve holistic healing.

Deanna has a passion for working with clients with eating disorders and helping them find hope and healing. Educating others through webinars is just one way this professional is able to help others.

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