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eating disorder recoveryWhen summer first comes, it’s always exciting. For many, it means a break from school. It brings to mind days full of sunshine and means vacation, blockbuster movies, and more. By the time summer starts winding down, however, it has lost its luster. Many of us are long tired of the hot, humid weather, and are perhaps feeling a bit sluggish in our summer revelry. We may be more or less ready for fall’s return.

All of this can make the final stretch of summer particularly difficult for those in eating disorder recovery. Simply put: At the end of summer, you may be tired. You may lack enthusiasm. You may not have much interest in doing the hard work of recovery.

Time to Refocus

There are different ways to address this end-of-summer sluggishness. One of them is with Alsana’s Summer Refocus program, which we open up to recovery novices and veterans alike. Simply put, this is a time to come to the Alsana campus and focus on some intense recovery work—renewing your commitment and building your resolve.

How to Stick to Your Eating Disorder Recovery in the Late Summer

First and foremost, keep attending your meetings and appointments. The end of summer is no time to stop seeing your dietitian or showing up for support group meetings. Maintain your regular schedule, even when you may not feel like it. Ultimately, your eating disorder doesn’t take a vacation—so you can’t blow off your recovery.

Create a new routine for yourself. If you’re a bit bored by summer, try to structure your days a little differently. Having structure can be key for your eating disorder recovery, and you can spice yours up by starting some new daily rituals—a morning walk at the park, an evening bath, mid-afternoon yoga, or what have you.

Stick to your meal plan. If you feel like your meal plan needs an overhaul, bring it up with your dietitian. Ultimately, though, sticking to the script is one of the best things you can do to keep your recovery on the right track.

Throw out your magazines. One thing that always makes summer difficult is the saturation of magazines and other media that promote an unhealthy body image ideal. Don’t get pulled into that world of insecurity. Throw out your magazines, and try to avoid anything else that triggers an unhealthy focus on body image.

Stay social. Whatever you do, don’t withdraw from your circles of encouragement and support. Keep reaching out to people, and go to your friends and loved ones with any particular problems or concerns. Don’t try to face eating disorder recovery all on your own!

Give yourself something to look forward to. If you’re feeling over summer, why not schedule something for the fall or early winter—something you can set your sights on and really feel good about? Plan a road trip, a concert, or something else that will give you some enthusiasm.

Learn something new. Again, it’s always a good time to give yourself something new and exciting to fill your time with. Learn a new skill, or take up a new hobby—something that stimulates you!

Summer can be a tough season, but there are things you can do to preserve your eating disorder recovery. Follow some of these tips today.

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