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Perception of Care

Our clients are at the center of our universe; they are the reason we do what we do.

Alsana’s care teams administer Perception of Care Surveys for all clients when they step down to a new level of care or discharge from Alsana, regardless of discharge type. This helps us identify opportunities for improvement and provides an opportunity for clients to reflect on their care experience and use their authentic voice.

99 percent and 93 percent

93 percent of clients and 99 percent of their loved ones surveyed in 2019-2020 said they would recommend Alsana to others. 

Grow as an ally this pride month and beyond
Grow as an ally this pride month and beyond

An affirming eating recovery community.

All of Alsana’s in-person and virtual programs are inclusive, welcoming all genders and sexual orientations. Clients who identify as LGBTQ+ are embraced and celebrated as integral members of our eating recovery community.

LGBTQ+ Perception of Care

LGBTQ+ Clients from all Alsana programs were surveyed. The Perception of Care data below reflect responses collected from January through December 2020.


32 percent of Alsana clients identify as LGBTQ+


92 percent would recommend Alsana to others.


94 percent said Alsana was accepting and affirming.


93 percent said they were able to show up authentically and be respected.


94 percent said their gender identity was respected and affirmed at Alsana.


99 percent said their sexual identity was respected and affirmed at Alsana.

“At Alsana, we are committed to nurturing a treatment environment that’s not only accepting but affirming and healing for people of all genders and sexual identities. Many members of the LGBTQ+ community- a community that experiences eating disorders at a rate significantly higher than that of the general population- face stigma, discrimination, and other access-to-care barriers before finally finding the life-saving care they need. We design our programs to be inclusive, supportive, and safe for all clients, including LGBTQ+ individuals whom we embrace as valued members of our eating recovery community.”
– ALLISON BURNETT, LICSW, CEDS, National Director of Alumni and Advocacy

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Virtual PHP meal planning and education
Virtual PHP meal planning and education

Our virtual community is thriving (and growing!)

In 2020, the need for eating disorder treatment services rose dramatically. Social distancing and quarantines created an abundance of circumstances in which virtual services made the most sense for many clients with the appropriate medical acuity to receive care remotely. Alsana responded to this urgent and growing need and is proud to offer flexible, virtual IOP and PHP services to clients across the United States. ...


Virtual clients receive the same high level

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of personalized care in virtual treatment as our in-person care; programs are designed in alignment with our Adaptive Care Model, offering meal support, yoga, group, and one-on-one therapy, and more — all within the safety and comfort of the home environment.

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Christine Corso

“It’s unfortunately very difficult to find a treatment center that will offer trauma work along with eating disorders and then proceed to follow through on that commitment. Alsana keeps their word on this. For that, I am very grateful.”
-Christine, Alsana Alum

Virtual PHP/IOP Perception of Care

Alsana’s Virtual PHP/IOP began admitting clients in April 2020. All clients were surveyed about their experience.

95 percent

95 percent of respondents said they would recommend Alsana to others.


92 percent of respondents said they felt engaged.


97 percent of respondents said virtual services offered a unique experience by allowing them to be at home.

93 percent

93 percent of respondents said virtual services fit their needs better than in-person services.

"Eating disorders are complex and complicated, making it hard to understand the drive behind behaviors. With the help of Alsana, I began exploring my true needs and how to communicate and/or fulfill those needs. Not only did I find my voice, but I also started using it." -Karli, Alsana Alum


Before coming to Alsana, I had never had a treatment experience in which the “how” and “why” of the eating disorder were addressed. This has proven to be essential in my treatment at Alsana and also in my daily life as a member of society. Alsana providers led me through so much illuminating self-reflection about topics that I had never before considered relevant to my treatment, recovery, or self in general. Alsana staff appreciate and treat the individual, and I felt this in and outside of therapy sessions. They always humored my random geography facts and propensity to trail glitter wherever I went. 🙂 Ultimately, my treatment experience at Alsana taught me how to be a shamelessly authentic individual, and it gave me a sense of safety to explore what it means to be myself. – Kate, Alsana Alum

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