Dr. Michael Schachter

Internal Medicine | ED-DMT1 Care Team | he/him

    I am board certified in Family Medicine with a special interest in preventative medicine and eating disorders.   I graduated from medical school at Tel Aviv University and trained at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

    I’ve been working with diabetes for four years. Helping manage diabetes is a team effort.  I feel privileged every time a patient and their family allow me to participate in the treatment.  Because diabetes can affect so many different aspects of our life and at every stage of our life, in the process of treatment, I gradually form relationships with both the patient and their family that grow to be deep and meaningful.  With any chronic disease, there are ups and downs.  I am available when they may be struggling, but I can also share in their successes. 

    Our knowledge and understanding of this disease have grown enormously, even compared to how we managed it just a few decades ago.  Persons with diabetes now can do remarkably well.  Helping contribute to that success is one of the most rewarding parts of being a doctor.

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