Lisa McGlothlin, MS, RD

Lead Dietitian | she/her/hers

    Lisa is the Lead Registered Dietitian for Alsana in Monterey, California. Lisa grew up on the Central Coast near Pismo Beach, before moving to Sacramento for her undergraduate degree. Lisa completed her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and minor in Biology from California State University, Sacramento, and her Masters of Science in Dietetics from New Mexico State University, where she also completed her dietetic internship. Prior to attending New Mexico State University, Lisa worked as a Dietetic Assistant in the field of eating disorders, leading to her discovering her passion for helping individuals heal their relationships with food and their bodies. Due to this growing passion, Lisa chose to dedicate her graduate experience to practicing from a body inclusive and all foods fit philosophy.

    Lisa enjoys spending time with friends and has a good sense of humor. Lisa loves engaging in joyful movement, and exploring new places and foods, she appreciates cuddling with her cat Kimmy, watching Netflix, and listening to a good podcast just as much.

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