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At Alsana, we believe in treating all aspects of the mind and body to achieve a full and balanced recovery. Alsana’s movement program in the Adaptive Care Model™ is built on evidence-based treatment that redefines your relationship with physical activity and integrates progressive levels of movement. You will learn to listen and respond to your body as you work towards a strong foundation of body awareness. By maintaining a healthy connection with daily physical activity and movement, you will lead a stronger and purposeful life long after your treatment is completed.

The Alsana Difference

At Alsana, we embrace safe and healthy movement as part of the recovery process. Whether it’s walking your dog, exercising, or spending time with loved ones outdoors, movement is vital in leading healthy and fulfilling lives and a key aspect of recovery. We understand the importance of engaging in different types of physical activity and will teach you how to integrate more movement into your life on a regular basis.

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Understanding Body Movement

We help you gain new perspectives on how bodies move and the purpose and enjoyment behind regular physical activity. Our Alsana team is committed to educating you on body movement and positivity so you can not only maintain optimal health, but can appreciate and connect with your body on a deeper level. Once an understanding of healthy movement is achieved, you can introduce new activities into your routine as you work towards a successful recovery.

Working with the Body

Utilizing evidence-based practices, we integrate physical movement into treating the whole body. Through progressive exercises and exposure to new types of movement, you will learn to work with your body to develop healthy practices that aid in healing the whole mind, heart, and soul. Listening to our bodies is the first step as you work towards finding a balance between activity and relaxation.

Finding Enjoyment with Movement

The goal of Alsana’s movement program is to help you connect with your body so you can lead a healthier life and discover the enjoyment of movement and physical activity. You will learn to recognize the activities you most enjoy while developing a healthy routine on the road to healing your mind and body. Those who choose Alsana will also have the chance to engage in activities such as muscle relaxation, resistance training and yoga classes, walking or jogging, canoeing, recreational sports or dancing, and other creative movement activities.


Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model™
Moves Beyond Traditional Treatment

Medical Treatment

Building health resilience to provide a physical foundation of recovery.


Balancing nourishment and pleasure to restore a nurturing relationship with both food and body.


Redefining the relationship with physical activity and integrating progressive levels of movement to heal both mind and body.


Understanding the complexity of eating disorders as an underlying biological, behavioral, and environmental influences.


Guiding and supporting clients to explore and grow their own sense of purpose.

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