Happy holidays from Alsana: your eating recovery community!

happy holidays from Alsana
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We are glad to be celebrating another year of healing

2020 put our self-care skills to the test, but in doing that it’s also provided many opportunities to stop, reflect, and appreciate the people we care about. Speaking of which, if you’re reading this, we want you to know that we’re eternally grateful to be part of your eating recovery community! Here’s some cheer to end the year on a slightly silly and very musical note. Happy Holidays, from our family to yours.



a poem by our very own Stacy Sisson

T’was the day at Alsana when all through the world,
clients were stirring the halls as Corona unfurled.
The face masks were passed out the gloves and the gowns
Every man, woman, child were all feeling down.
Here at Alsana we began counting our beds,
to continue great treatment and put a stop to the spread.
We all mustered our strength and we managed our worry,
pulled together our courage and had a plan in a hurry.
Then throughout every program there arose daily clatter,
Wash your hands! Take your temp! 6-foot distance is what matters!
Then who to our wondering eyes did appear?
But the ALSANA Covid Task Force dispelling our fear,
Our own doctors and nurses, directors so wise,
Our doors would stay open with no care compromised.
As the days and weeks passed the CDC guidelines they came,
we all listened up closely so they could explain.
Answers to why this all happened, and what’s coming next,
Do this! And Not that! we were a little perplexed.
We took it all in and sorted it out,
we learned some hard lessons and recalled what life’s about.
We remembered to appreciate all that we have,
and that we’re Heroes and Healers through the good and the bad.
So when the load feels too heavy and there’s no sunshine in sight,
Look to your left and look to your right
Have a Merry Christmas my friend and to all a good night!

holiday playlist

Holiday Playlist

Our Outreach and Admissions teams have curated a Spotify playlist for your holiday listening pleasure. We highly recommend pairing this with an atrocious holiday sweater and your favorite cookies.

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