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Overcome negative feelings, fears, and challenges

Explore the root causes of your eating disorder through different evidence-based therapies.


Our approach to therapy

Through Alsana’s therapeutic component in the Adaptive Care Model®, we create a supportive and open relationship with you based on your permission to explore all sides of your eating disorder. We deliver the therapeutic aspect of care in a phased approach allowing you to build a stable foundation prior to processing any related underlying issues. Throughout the phases, you will work with our team of experienced and understanding therapists to overcome negative feelings, fears, and challenges. ...

As you progress through treatment, you will begin to explore the root causes of your eating disorder through different evidence-based therapies. The customized aspects of therapy work in synergy with the other four branches of the Adaptive Care Model® to effectively heal the whole you and to ensure a full recovery well beyond treatment.

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The Alsana® difference

At Alsana, our passionate and dedicated team of experts use their years of experience to treat the whole person—mind, body, heart, and spirit. Our focus on the therapeutic aspect of the model is about understanding the neurobiological facets of eating disorders and integrating data-driven practices to treat the individual first and not the disorder. ...

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Mental health support for lasting recovery

The Therapeutic component of our Adaptive Care Model® focuses on:

Adaptive Care

Our Adaptive Care Model® reflects our integrative approach to eating disorder treatment. We focus on the total health and well-being of each client by empowering these areas: medical, therapeutic, nutrition, movement, and relational practices.

Alsana leadership and treatment teams work collaboratively to develop, train, and create consistency within all of our clinics. Within this framework, we put the client first, offering the client essential tools as well as support to achieve a fully-recovered life.


Medical Treatment

Alsana’s medical program is based on building health resilience to provide a physical foundation of recovery.



Alsana’s nutrition program integrates a balance of nourishment and pleasure within a real-world environment to restore a nurturing relationship with both food and body.



Alsana’s movement program is built on evidence-based treatment that redefines the relationship with physical activity and integrates progressive levels of movement as healing for both mind and body.



Therapy at Alsana is centered on an understanding of the complexity of eating disorders and its underlying biological, behavioral, and ...

environmental influences.

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Alsana’s relational program provides guidance and support for clients to explore and grow their own sense of purpose as part of the recovery process.

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