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For some, summer is a season for taking it easy; for others, summer is where the real work begins. Certainly, summer is a great time to put other aspects of your life on pause, and to really get down to the tough issues of eating disorder recovery. That’s why Alsana offers a Summer Refocus Program, aimed both at those new to recovery and those who have been in recovery for a while. The aim of this program is simple: Come rededicate yourself to recovery—or dedicate yourself to it for the first time!—and get the support you need to make real, healthy changes in your life.

Our Summer Refocus Program hits its fourth year this year, and we will continue to offer a range of flexible options. For those who are living in our residential facilities, there will be intensive sessions offered throughout the day—but for those who have work or class, we will also be providing some great, confidence-building afternoon and evening sessions in the PHP and IOP levels of care.

What is the Summer Refocus Program all about, though? In the end, it is about you: We want to help you develop self-love and really commit to a life of recovery. Some of the things we offer include:

  • A highly focused, therapy intense program allowing clients to get ready for their school year ahead.
  • Individual, one-on-one sessions both with our therapists and our dietitians, Alsana provides the most individual therapy and dietitian sessions in the industry, and our Summer Refocus program takes advantage of this.
  • Our Alsana therapist will work closely with your outpatient team to develop a specific treatment plan with customized goals to maximize treatment.
  • Adjunct sessions to deal with co-occurring and underlying issues that can be the root cause of the eating disorder.
  • Our clinical team provides weekly follow up and timely discharge follow up to insure transition back into the outpatient setting is smooth and efficient, making sure the recovery work is not minimized or lost as you head back to school.
  • Experiential activities, both individual and group.
  • Peer activities and support.
  • Lifelong skill development and practice, including group outings.

This program is meant to give you a chance to work on your recovery, but we also try to make it fun, and to help you take advantage of seasonal activities in the St. Louis area. Whether you are just getting started on recovery or just need to refresh yourself, our program is a great way to do it. Contact us today to enroll in the Summer Refocus sessions for 2016!

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