Eating Disorder Treatment in Huntsville, AL

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We would like to be your eating recovery community.

Alsana Huntsville 

Welcome to Alsana Huntsville

Our Alsana Huntsville team is eager to serve clients out of our newest RTC facility. This 14-bed residential offers an ideal environment for healing and community, and our Huntsville Early Intervention Programs, located nearby, hold space to serve...

16 clients.

We are grateful to our greater Huntsville community; throughout the region, we know many have been patiently waiting and have grown increasingly excited for Alsana’s new eating disorder treatment programs to come to fruition.

Alsana is passionate about expanding life-saving care access so clients can not only recover but thrive. We are a community, and we are still moving forward with enthusiasm and determination. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Clients First

The need for higher levels of care for eating disorder clients, and the need to support our professional community on the front lines of detection and treatment, are significant. Our 2019-2020 Treatment Outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of our Adaptive Care Model®. We are thrilled to bring this evidence-based, holistic approach to treatment, as well as the hope and healing that come with it, to Huntsville’s eating recovery community.”

-Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD-S, CSSD, LD,         Alsana Advisory Board

Tammy Beasley

Residential eating disorder treatment

A continuum of care for full eating disorder recovery.

Alsana Huntsville offers three levels of in-person care. Clients may transition to another program during treatment and have the option of including Virtual PHP/IOP as part of their treatment plan progression.

Alsana Birmingham

Located in the rolling hills of Birmingham, Alabama, this Alsana location offers residential treatment, an intensive day treatment program with off-campus recovery-oriented apartments, and an integrated intensive outpatient...


Rebecca Barach, Regional Executive Director, is dedicated to helping clients of all genders and sexual orientations heal and recover from their eating disorders. Under her leadership, the Alsana Birmingham team delivers the highest-quality care and support via evidence-based therapies for eating and feeding disorders, as well as co-occurring conditions.

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Alsana's Residential Treatment Programs offered at these locations

Welcome to Alsana Huntsville: your new eating recovery community.

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